Fortune Sugar: Safe & Sulphurless!

Make your sweet moments safer and purer! Introducing the new Fortune Sugar that's untouched by hand and free from impurities.

sugar that’s pure and untouched by hand – now available in these sizes!


1 kg, 5 kg

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Frequent questions answered by those that bring you this product

  • How is sugar made?

    Sugar is made by refining and processing sugarcane juice. It is extracted, purified, filtered, and then finally crystallized to form sugar.

    Fortune’s refined sugar is made from the latest DRP technology to ensure the highest purity.

  • What are the different types of sugar?

    Sugar, in general, is of four types, Sucrose, Fructose (Fruit Sugar), Glucose and Lactose (Dairy Sugar), out of which Table sugar mostly consists of sucrose.

    Then there are various kinds of table sugar as well. The most common type is the sugarcane sugar, but there are other varieties too, such as beet sugar, brown sugar, etc.


  • Why is hygiene so important when it comes to sugar processing?

    Sugar is naturally sweet and sticky and hence it can attract several microbes, germs, and insects if left in the open. This increases the risk of you catching unwanted diseases if hygiene is not maintained in sugar processing. Fortune sugar is untouched by hand and is made with automated machinery that keeps germs away and provides you with 100% safe and pure sugar.


  • Is there Sulphur in store-bought sugar?

    Yes, some sugar mills use Sulphur to purify their sugar and this Sulphur may be present as a leftover in the final product, which can lead to many health issues over time. But Fortune offers sulphurless Sugar made with a fully automated double refining process which makes it 100% safe and pure for you.


  • Is refined sugar fructose or sucrose?

    Your everyday sugar, also known as sugarcane sugar, mainly consists of sucrose which is the most common type of sugar found in India.


  • Is Sugar bleached?

    No, Sugar is not bleached; sucrose is naturally white in colour.


  • Is Fortune Sugar made with sugarcane?

    Yes. Fortune Sugar is 100% sugarcane sugar. Devoid of any human touch and made with a fully automated process.


  • Can I use Fortune Sugar for baking?

    Yes, you can use Fortune Sugar for baking as well as other cooking methods.


  • What pack sizes does sugar come in?

    Fortune Sugar comes in a variety of pack sizes ranging from 1 kilogram and goes all the way up to 5 kilograms. You can also purchase these sizes of sugar online.


  • Why should you buy Fortune Sugar?

    Fortune Sugar is untouched by hand and made with a Sulphur less process which means it is the safest sugar to consume. Fortune Sugar premium crystals are sparkling white and easy to dissolve. It meets international standards of hygiene and purity. To add to that, Fortune Sugar is made with 100% cane sugar. That’s why we recommend using Fortune White Sugar.


  • Can I buy Sugar Online?

    You can easily buy sugar online through various online grocery providers. Fortune Suagr is available through Big Basket, Grofers ( now Blink It) & Amazon.


  • Why is branded packaged sugar better than loose sugar?

    Branded packaged sugar is a better option than loose sugar because of the quality assurance, hygiene, convenience, nutritional information, and longer shelf life it offers. They have quality control measures in place to ensure that their products meet certain standards, such as purity and cleanliness, which may not be the case with loose sugar. So next time when you do your sugar online shopping, don’t forget to read the packet’s additional information to decide the best sugar for you.


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