Fortune Rozana Basmati Rice

Make your daily diet even more nutritious and fun. Bring home the unique and flavourful combination of healthy basmati rice- Fortune’s Rozana Basmati Rice

Rozana Rice: A Delicious Variety of Basmati You Can Relish Every day

The ideal choice to relish everyday rice dishes. Fortune Rozana Basmati rice comes with a smooth and slender grain texture. Be it basmati rice biryani, the regal pulav or simply your daily-lunch rice. Fortune’s Basmati Rozana induces a flavourful aroma & extraordinary taste to your dishes, which results in an irresistible serving that delights everyone’s heart.

Smooth basmati grains

Slender texture

Perfect for your everyday meals

Savour the Taste of Aromatic Rozana Basmati Rice in Different Sizes

Fortune Rozana Basmati Rice


1 kg


5 kg

make your roz ka khana great again with fortune rozana basmati rice

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Frequently Asked Questions on Rozana Basmati Rice

  • In which recipes do we use Rozana Basmati rice mostly?

    While basmati rice biryani is a speciality dish in the Indian subcontinent, Fortune’s Rozana Basmati rice has a natural nutty flavour that harmonises with your Pulao and Biryani recipes. Apart from special occasions, you can also consume this healthy basmati rice on a regular basis if rice is a part of your daily diet.

  • Is it safe to consume basmati rice on a regular basis?

    Yes! Not just safe, Fortune’s Basmati Rozana rice is low in cholesterol levels and comprises several antioxidants that make it a healthy option for your daily consumption. Truly, a healthy basmati rice packet for all those who are conscious about their cholesterol levels while still wishing to enjoy a good meal.

  • What makes Rozana Basmati rice different from other rice varieties?

    Fortune’s Rozana Basmati rice comes with a smooth slender grain texture that adds richness to your daily meals. Moreover, it has a nut-like flavourful aroma that seamlessly blends with most Indian dishes, while its slender long grains do not stick together and come out as individual grains when cooked properly.

  • Can I buy Rozana Basmati rice online?

    Yes, you can purchase Basmati Rozana from our online stores on Fortune Online, Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy Instamart, Zepto and Blinkit.

  • What pack sizes is Fortune Basmati Rozana rice available in?

    Fortune Basmati Rozana rice is available in 1kg and 5kg packets.

  • Why should you buy Fortune Rozana basmati rice?

    Fortune’s Rozana Basmati Rice comes with a smooth and slender grain texture which makes your everyday rice dishes irresistible. Moreover, it is low in cholesterol and rich in several essential antioxidants that keep you healthy. That’s why we recommend using Fortune Rozana basmati rice.

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