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Enjoy a fresh burst of flavour, every time you open the dabba, only with Fortune Refined Cotton Seed Oil. Loaded with Tocopherols, the unique blend of Fortune Cottonlite adds freshness to your menu and stays light on your heart.

Our Tokko-Ferol Foodfresh Formula

This unique formula of Fortune’s health oil ensures that the freshness of food remains intact for a longer duration when fried in Fortune Cottonlite Cotton Seed Oil (FCRCO). It removes light sensitive fatty acids from the oil, which causes the rapid development of rancidity in food fried in it when exposed to light. It is naturally high in tocopherols which give the food fried in the oil a longer shelf life. Fortune Cottonlite Cotton Seed Oil (FCRCO) also contains added antioxidants and synergists (ADD-03) that provide additional stability to the food fried in the oil. The fatty acid composition of Fortune Cottonlite Refined Cotton Seed Oil (FCRCO) strongly acts as the best oil for deep frying that provides long stability as compared to other common frying oils like sunflower and Soyabean oil.

Contains high amounts of NATURAL antioxidants which are beneficial.

Rich in Vitamin E

Great for deep-frying as it known to enhance the flavour of fried foods as compared to other oils.

Can be used in rotation with other oils such as canola oil, groundnut oil, etc. as part of a healthy diet.

It has a light, neutral taste that is loved by people who do not like oils with strong flavours.

Know More About the Tocopherols in Cotton Seed Oil

Cotton Seed Oil naturally contains Tocopherols, which is a form of Vitamin E. It is known as an antioxidant superhero that keeps food fresh for a longer duration and protects our skin. It makes up 96% of our skin's natural antioxidant defence system.

Studies show how tocopherol in Cotton Seed Oil…

  • Absorbs UV rays and helps prevent UV-induced skin free radical damage to the skin

  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent in the skin.

  • Helps moisturize.

  • Helps reduce pollution-related free radical damage.

There’s also preliminary evidence that Cotton Seed Oil can help prevent scarring and reduce the signs of aging, too. Studies are underway to learn more about the many ways tocopherol and other forms of Vitamin E benefits skin and overall health.

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Bring in the Freshness of Cotton Seed Oil with Every Meal

Frequently Asked Questions on Fortune Cotton Seed Oil

  • What is Cotton seed oil good for?

    Cotton Seed Oil has several potential benefits and uses. It is popularly used as a cooking oil due to its mild flavour and high smoke point, which make it ideal for frying and deep-frying. It is also a good source of vitamin E and antioxidants.

  • How is Refined Cotton Seed Oil made?

    Refined Cotton Seed oil is extracted from the seeds of cotton plants, followed by a multi-stage extraction process that involves several steps to remove impurities and produce a high-quality, neutral-flavoured oil.

  • Can I use Cotton Seed Oil on my face?

    Yes, you can apply it to your face. Cotton Seed Oil can be used topically as a moisturizer for the skin. It is lightweight and absorbs easily, making it a good option for people with dry or sensitive skin. Fortune Cottonlite Cotton Seed Oil has a tocopherol formula that absorbs UV rays to prevent UV-induced skin-free radical damage to the skin.

  • Is Fortune Cotton Seed the best oil for deep frying?

    When compared to other frying oils, Fortune Cotton Seed Oil improves the flavour of fried foods. It removes the light-sensitive fatty acids & saves the food from rancidity when exposed to light. Hence, gives a longer shelf life to fried foods and also stabilizes their flavours through its light and neutral taste.

  • Why should I buy Fortune Cottonseed oil for cooking?

    The Fortune Cotton Seed Oil has a unique formula with tocopherols and antioxidants that extend the shelf life of food cooked in the oil. It gets rid of the oil’s light-sensitive fatty acids, which, when exposed to light, turn food cooked in it rancid. Overall, Fortune’s Cotton Seed Oil strongly functions as the ideal oil for cooking and deep frying.

  • What foods can I prepare with Fortune Cotton Seed Oil?

    Fortune Cotton Seed Oil can be used to prepare a variety of cuisines. It goes best with salads for dressing and deep-fried items like potato chips and French fries. Meat dishes such as fish fries, crispy fried chicken, and tempura fried dishes. Surprisingly,it is also used to make sauces like mayonnaise and baked items like cakes and bread.

  • Is CottonSeed Oil the healthiest oil for frying?

    Cottonseed oil has often been touted as the healthiest oil for frying due to its relatively high smoke point and favourable fatty acid profile. Another advantage is its relatively low levels of saturated fat. Cottonseed oil is composed of primarily unsaturated fats, which have been shown to have a more neutral effect on cholesterol levels.

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