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Give your health the power of soybeans with Fortune Soya Health Oil. Refined with advanced H.A.R.T. technology, it not just adds extra flavour to your foods but is also a healthy heart oil. So, go ahead and cook your favourites without fear, Fortune’s soya oil has got your back!

Khana Banao Tastier with the Tadka of Pure Soyabean Oil

Certified asIndia’s No. 1 Cooking Oil*, the safe and pure Fortune Soya oil is processed with next-generation High Absorbent Refining Technology (H.A.R.T.). This soybean refined oil not just makes your everyday meals tastier but also makes your bones stronger and heart healthier.

Safe, pure & healthy oil

Rich in Omega 3 which keeps the heart healthy#

High Absorbent Refining Technology

Helps maintain strong bones

*as per IMRB data MAT March 2020
#Adequate exercise and balanced diet which includes balanced healthy cooking oil are key to good health. It is fortified with Vitamin A, S & contains Omega3.

The Purity of Refined Soyabean Oil in 4 Convenient Sizes


1 litre

Pet Bottles

1 litre

Fortune Soya Cooking Oil - Refined Soyabean Oil

Jerry Cans

5 litres


15 litres

Bring Home the Purest Soyabean Refined Oil for your Family…

Frequently Asked Questions on Refined Soyabean Oil

know your soya oil

  • What are some different types of cooking oils found in the market?

    There are a number of cooking oils available in the market, out of which you can select the best oil for you, depending on the type of food you want to cook with it. Fortune offers a range of cooking oils which includes soya cooking oil, sunflower oil, kachi ghani mustard oil, rice bran health oil, cotton seed oil, groundnut oil and functional oil.

  • What is refined soyabean oil?

    Soybean refined oil is a vegetable oil that is extracted from soybean seeds and is then refined by subjecting it to degumming and deodorizing. It is also called Soya Bean Ka Tel in colloquial conversations.

  • What are the benefits of soya cooking oil?

    Soya oil is known for its multiple health benefits as it has the right balance of Omega 6 PUFA and Omega 3 PUFA which both help in maintaining normal cholesterol levels. It is also rich in Tocopherols which are natural antioxidants that contribute to reducing the risk of many diseases.

  • Is soyabean oil good for frying?

    Yes, you can use soya oil to fry foods and it is popularly known as a frying oil.

  • Does Fortune make soyabean oil 15kg packets?

    Yes, Fortune Soyabean oil comes in a wide range of sizes that are:

    20ml, tetra pack and pet bottle, 500ml pet bottle and pouch, 1ltr pet bottle and pouch, 2ltr pet bottle and jar, 5ltr jar and 15 ltr/kg tin pack.

  • What is soyabean oil used for?

    Soyabean oil is known to be a frying oil, but it is in fact an extremely versatile oil. You can fry, bake, roast as well as saute foods with refined soyabean oil and the food will be delicious we promise!

  • Which one is better- soyabean oil or vegetable oil?

    Soyabean oil although a vegetable oil essentially is considered to be healthier than other vegetable oils due to the essential fatty acids that it comprises. Moreover, soyabean oil is considered to be a healthy heart oil that reduces the chances of strokes and heart attacks.

  • Is soya oil healthy?

    Yes, soya oil is healthy compared to most vegetable oils. It mostly comprises of Polyunsaturated fatty acids that are good to maintain heart health. Moreover, the H.A.R.T. technology used makes it a safe and pure oil for everyday usage.

  • Why should I buy Fortune’s Soya Health Oil?

    Fortune Soya Health Oil is certified as India’s No. 1  Cooking Oil* and is processed with next-gen High Absorbent Refining Technology (H.A.R.T.) that makes it a safe and pure heart healthy oil. It makes your bones stronger and is also rich in omega 3 which keeps your heart healthy. Therefore, we recommend using Fortune Soya Health Oil.

  • Does soyabean oil help in lightening skin?

    Yes, soyabean oil is known to reduce redness caused by exposure to the sun, brighten your skin and also boost the production of collagen.

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