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time for you to enjoy the taste of soya keema curry or soya momo packed with the power of protein. The same taste and the same dum, but in the form of soya granules

soya granules - the powerhouse of your body

Spearheading the health revolution, yumdaar and dumdaar Fortune Soya Badi is available in 3 variants - Soya Chunks, Mini Chunks and Soya Granules. With 52% protein content, these soft and delicious nuggets are a powerhouse for your body.

It has 15 times more protein than milk

99% fat free

get your dose of soya granules in this size


200 gms

bring home the power of protein with the taste of soya

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Frequent questions answered by those that bring you this product

  • What are soya chunks?

    Soya chunks are made from defatted soya flour. You can use them to make a plethora of soya recipes right from breakfast, snacks to main course. They are also commonly known as soya badi, Soya wadi, Soya bari and Soya nugget.

  • What is the difference between soya chunks, soya nuggets, and soya granules?

    Soya chunks is converted into various varieties for different uses. Essentially chunks, nuggets and granules, all are different in sizes and cuts but made from same raw material i.e., soya.

  • What are the benefits of Soya chunks?

    Soya chunks contains 52% protein and is the only plant-based source of protein which contains all the nine essential amino acids responsible for developing immunity and body strength.

  • Are soya chunks vegetarian?

    Yes, soya chunks, granules and nuggets are 100% vegetarian made with soya which is a natural source of plant-based protein.

  • Does soya chunks have the highest protein content among the vegetarian food items?

    Yes, Soya chunks in-fact has 52% plant-based protein, which is the highest plant-based protein found in any vegetarian food items.

  • Can I build muscles by eating soya chunks?

    Yes, but when paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Soya chunks contains 52% protein. Protein plays a vital role in building muscles, but most vegetarian foods do not offer sufficient protein to meet one’s body requirements. Soya chunks is a boon for vegetarian fitness enthusiasts and thereby its often called as vegan meat. Fitness trainers and dietitians often prefer soya chunks over other supplements for protein intake, due to its plant-based source of protein.

  • What kind of dishes are made with soya chunks?

    Soya chunks can be used to make a wide range of dishes for breakfast, snacks, main course and desserts. Some examples of the same are Soya chunks curry, Soya biryani, Soya Pulav, Soya aloo posto, Soya mutter, Soya manchuarian, Soya Chilli, Roasted Soya chunks, Soya rolls, Soya nuggets and Soya Kheer. which are not only delicious to eat but are also easily prepared. Soya chunks can also be used in any dish as a substitute for non-vegan ingredients to give it the benefits of soya chunk protein.

  • How do I prepare dried soya chunks?

    You must first soak your dried soya chunks in Lukewarm water for some time, squeeze and wash with water couple of times. Now they are ready to prepare any dry or curry-based recipes that your heart desires.

  • What pack sizes do soya chunks come in?

    Fortune soya chunks come in 2 pack sizes, 200 grams and 1 kilogram.

  • Are there any good soya chunks recipes I can make?

    There are many recipes that can be made with Soya Chunks. Head over to our Recipe Page to discover your favorite!

  • Why should you buy Fortune Soya Chunks?

    Fortune Soya Chunks come with 52% protein and are the only plant-based source of protein that contains all nine essential amino acids responsible for developing immunity. They are super soaky & juicy, untouched by hand hence more hygienic, Hence, make it better than other alternatives out there. That’s why we recommend using Fortune Soya Chunks.

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