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fortune chicken clear soup Recipe


    • diced chicken (boneless) (100 gm)
    • spring onions and stalks (3-4)
    • ground pepper (to taste)
    • garlic (4 cloves)
    • fresh parsley or coriander (2-3 sprigs)
    • fortune sunlight sunflower oil (1 tbsp)
    • croutons (for topping)
    • salt (to taste)


    •    Boil the chicken pieces in a pressure cooker and add 2 cloves of garlic and 2 spring onions.
    •    Once the chicken is boiled, strain the stock and keep aside.
    •    Shred the boiled chicken finely.
    •    Chop the rest of the spring onion bulbs and garlic cloves.
    •    Chop the spring onions stalks separately.
    •    Add 1 tbsp fortune sunlight sunflower oil & add in the chopped onion bulbs.
    •    Once they melt and caramelize slightly, add in the garlic and stalks.
    •    Toss them around and stir-fry for 3 mins.
    •    Add in the shredded chicken and mix for a minute.
    •    Now, pour in the stock and let it boil. Add 2 cups of water and further simmer for 15-20 mins.
    •    Sprinkle a dash of ground pepper.
    •    Pour it in soup plates or cups in even portions and garnish with parsley and croutons.
    Your delish chicken soup is ready! Happy slurping.

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