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fortune atta halwa Recipe


    • Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta (1 cup)
    • Ghee (1 cup)
    • Sugar (1 cup)
    • Water (2 cups)
    • Saffron (1 tsp)
    • Cardamom Powder (1 tsp)
    • Mixed Nuts (1 tbsp)
    • Almond and Pista (Slivers)


    1. Combine sugar saffron and water in a deep bottom pan and bring it to boil. Boil till sugar dissolve. Keep aside.

    2. Heat ghee in a pan add flour and cook it on medium heat till it turns brown in colour.

    3. Add sugar water and mix well. Keep stirring till it resemble like halwa.

    4. Add cardamom powder and nuts mix well

    5. Serve hot and garnish with nuts.

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