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Our Rice Bran Legacy

Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil, was the first Rice Bran Oil launched across India in Year 2012 with the proposition of Cholesterol Friendly Oil plus various other health benefits.

A revolution in the world of cooking oils, Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil is “A Healthy Heart Oil” that has abundant nutrients like Oryzanol and an equal ratio of PUFA and MUFA which makes it an ideal choice that caters to the health benefits for every member of your family.

Fortune Rice Bran Oil, has stood by its ground by holding the position of the No.1 Rice Bran Oil, since its launch year till date. The numerous benefits like a high smoke point makes it a wholesome oil that consists of a neutral taste which ensures that food cooked retains its natural taste and flavor.

Fortune is a physically refined rice bran oil with following characteristics:

  • Fortune is a physically refined rice bran oil with following characteristics:
  • FRBHO has stimulated consumer’s attention towards choosing a healthier oil,
    due to which Rice Bran Oil brands are rising day by day.
  • A Premium RBO is a Metro centric product, having more acceptability in Metros
    and similar culture cities.



How do I kickstart my heart healthy lifestyle?

  • 1. What are the benefits of Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil?

    Rice bran oil is naturally rich with essential nutrients like Oryzanol, Vitamin E and Tocopherols; Fattosterols offering a complete health package. Fattosterols in the oil helps to reduce cholesterol uptake.

  • 2. Does Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil alter the taste of food?

    No, rice bran oil is a superior cooking and frying oil which doesn’t have a lingering aftertaste. It doesn’t interfere with the taste of food, rather enhances the taste of food after cooking.

  • 3. Isn’t rice bran oil expensive?

    Rice bran oil absorbs lower oil in food compared to other oils thereby heats the frying temperature faster than other oils thereby saving fuel and cooking gas.

  • 4. What are the nutritional benefits of Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil?

    Rice bran oil provides three different types of fat Monounsaturated fats(MUFAs), Polyunsaturated fat(PUFAs) and Saturated fats. Along with this, it contains Vit E which is naturally present and has added elements of Vitamin A ; Vitamin D. The presence of Tocotrinols (highly active form of Vitamin E) in the oil make the oil highly active in Vitamin E compared to other set of premium health oils.

  • 5. Where can Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil be purchased?

    Fortune Rice Bran Oil, is widely distributed across the country and is available in all the nearby retail stories and all online shopping marts.

  • 6. How is rice bran healthy if it’s made of rice, which is fattening and has carbs?

    Rice Bran oil is not extracted from the starchy endosperm of the Rice but it is extracted from the brown coating of the rice removed during the polishing process

  • 7. Can Rice Bran Oil be used during Fast, since Rice cannot be eaten during the same?

    Well, in India, rice grain in its raw form is ideally used to worship idols and is considered sacred. Since the Rice Bran oil is extracted at a stage where the Rice is in its raw form; not in its cooked form, Rice Bran oil can be used to cook fasting related food and also can be used to light the sacred Diyas.