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Fortune Pure Sharbati Wheat

Elevate your culinary creations with Fortune Pure Sharbati Whole Wheat, the secret to achieving the perfect soft chapatis. Sourced and sorted with precision, this wheat variety features bold-size, golden-yellow grains that are free of impurities. What sets Fortune Sharbati apart is its unique combination of hard, roundish, and amber-coloured grains. With high water absorption capacity, it's the ideal choice for creating chapatis that are soft, fluffy, and simply delicious.

The Superiority of Pure Sharbati Wheat

Fortune Pure Sharbati Wheat is the most premium variety of wheat available in the country. These golden grains are not only better in texture but also weigh heavy on the palm, signifying their exceptional quality. What truly sets Sharbati Wheat apart is its sweet taste, derived from a slightly greater number of natural simple sugars like glucose and sucrose compared to other wheat varieties. This sweetness adds a unique dimension to your culinary creations.

Sortex Cleaned - Purity Guaranteed

Bold-Size Grains - For Exceptional Texture

Impurity-Free - A Clean and Wholesome Choice

Golden Yellow Grain - A Sign of Quality

Experience the Exceptional Taste and Quality of Pure Sharbati Wheat



Frequently Asked Questions about Pure Sharbati Wheat

  • What makes Sharbati Wheat a premium choice for cooking?

    Sharbati Wheat is considered premium due to its exceptional texture, sweet taste, and higher protein content. These attributes make it the ideal choice for soft rotis, delicious atta bread, and various other wheat-based culinary creations.

  • How does the sweetness of Sharbati Wheat impact its taste?

    The sweetness of Sharbati Wheat is a result of a slightly greater number of natural simple sugars like glucose and sucrose compared to other wheat varieties. This sweetness enhances the taste of your dishes, making them stand out with a unique and delightful flavor.

  • Can Pure Sharbati Wheat be used for making other wheat recipes?

    Absolutely! While Pure Sharbati Wheat is exceptional for making soft rotis, it can also be used for crafting delicious wheat and atta bread, chapatis, rotis, phulkas, and a variety of other wheat-based culinary creations. Its premium quality adds a unique touch to all your dishes.

  • Where can I purchase Fortune's Pure Sharbati Wheat?

    You can also purchase your wheat grains at leading supermarkets and grocery stores.


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