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Fortune Pure Lokwan Wheat

Elevate your culinary endeavours with Fortune's Pure Lokwan Wheat, a jewel of nature's bounty. This exceptional wheat variety, sorted and cleaned to perfection, boasts bold-size, golden-yellow grains free of impurities. The uniqueness of Lokwan lies in its amber colour, elongated shape, and impressive hardness. With high fibre content, it's the ultimate choice for creating wholesome and nutritious everyday meals that nourish your body and delight your taste buds.

The Distinctiveness of Pure Lokwan Wheat

Fortune Pure Lokwan Wheat grains is an exclusive variety known for its amber-coloured grains that are elongated and hard. This unique combination of features makes it a preferred choice for those seeking a healthy and nutritious addition to their daily meals. Every grain undergoes rigorous Sortex cleaning, ensuring that impurities are removed, and the purity of the wheat is preserved.

Sortex Cleaned - Purity Guaranteed

Bold-Size Grains - For Exceptional Texture

Impurity-Free - A Clean and Wholesome Choice

Golden Yellow Grain - A Sign of Quality

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Frequently Asked Questions about Pure Lokwan Wheat

  • Why is Lokwan Wheat a unique and healthy choice for everyday meals?

    Lokwan Wheat is distinctive for its high fibre content, making it an excellent choice for everyday meals. The combination of bold-size grains and high fibre content adds a satisfying texture to your dishes while providing the health benefits of dietary fibre, which supports digestive health and overall well-being.

  • How is the bold-size grain of Pure Lokwan Wheat beneficial in cooking?

    The bold-size grains of Pure Lokwan Wheat provide an exceptional texture to your dishes, making them hearty and satisfying. Whether you’re making chapati, bread, or other wheat-based creations, the bold-size grains ensure a delightful mouthfeel and a robust culinary experience.

  • What are some easy wheat recipes?

    Pure Lokwan Wheat is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a wide range of recipes. You can create delicious dishes like phulkas, rotis, puris, chapatis, atta biscuits and atta bread with it. Its elongated and hard grains, coupled with its high fibre content, make it an excellent choice for enhancing the texture and flavour of your wheat-based recipes. So, whether you’re a fan of baking or cooking, Pure Lokwan Wheat can be a valuable addition to your kitchen.

  • Where can I purchase Fortune's Pure Lokwan Wheat?

    You can conveniently find Fortune’s Pure Lokwan Wheat at leading supermarkets and grocery stores.


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