Classic kheer plated using 3 exciting techniques

Indians love their desserts, a classic being the much loved kheer. Every home chef has their own version. While this popular dessert has several renditions perfected across households, we have a neat trick up our sleeve too. Make that three! So, give your homemade kheer a touch of greatness by these cool plating techniques.

No matter what the recipe, these techniques will definitely make them drool-worthy. Yes, it's indeed kheer 2.0!

Go Desi with Dry Fruits!

Pour cooked kheer into a kullad, an earthen pot

Garnish with thinly sliced almonds and pistachio slivers.

Top with a couple of strands of kesar. Your delectable and chilled kheer is now ready to be served.

Fruity Seasonal Special!

Take a small mason jar and layer the bottom with crumbled marie biscuits.

Fruity Seasonal Special!

Add a layer of crushed strawberry jam using a piping bag.

Pour in two small scoops of kheer.

Garnish with sliced strawberries and your seasonal special fruity kheer is ready.

Choco-fusion anyone?

Get a shot glass and layer the bottom with crumbled Oreo biscuits.

Choco-fusion anyone?

Add two small scoops of kheer.

Fill Hershey’s or Nutella in a piping bag and make a delicious layer with chocolate syrup.

Add another layer of kheer and finally garnish it with mini Oreo cookies. Gobble down the mouth-watering Choco-fusion kheer.

So, here’s how you can give the classic kheer a festive makeover!

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Doesn't this fun plating heighten the dish altogether? Keep those praises coming your way at the dining table with more such tricks from us.


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I make Kheer cheese cakes without even baking it
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thats very nice 

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