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Imagine cooking your favourite curry, the flavours slowly taking over the kitchen and suddenly mid-way you realise...oops, too much salt! This is one of the many tales Home Chefs like you will find in common with each other. But, in such situations what does one do to save the day? 

Luckily, we have experienced Home Chefs like you on our panel who can solve such a case in a jiffy. So, scroll down and browse through the case files of this investigation and know how this salty mystery was unlocked. 

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Just solved case: How to remove excess salt from curries?
How to remove excess salt from curries?


gauri-bhatia-6's picture
Gauri Bhatia
A small ball of wheat flour added to the curry for sometime can help resolve this hassle...
Remha R

Add boiled / maashed potatoes.

For gravy / semi-gravy curries add paste of cooked yellow pumpkin / rice or besan flour paste (mix with water) to the curry.  Adding coconut paste / fresh cream could also be options.

Lata Prabhu's picture
Lata Prabhu

Bread balls also help to absorb salt. Cornflour paste to could do the trick. ANOTHER option would be increasing the quantity of veggies used like carrots or potatoes or onions.For dry recipe besan is the best.

Sumitra Chowdhury's picture
Sumitra Chowdhury

If it’s a curry, then you can add some curd or tamarind paste to the curry. 

Now that the salt level has been evened out and the curry has been relished...are you’ll ready to take up the next case? But, with tricksters like you on board, we find it challenging to come up with difficult cases. However, we’ve managed to dish out yet another cooking hassle which we all face in the kitchen. So, go ahead and let us in on your tricks. As you know we will only be sharing them with our special community of Home Chefs!

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How to remove excess salt from curries?

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