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Just solved case: How to make non-sticky bhindi?
How to make non-sticky bhindi?


Aayushi Joshi
Before mixing it with all masala, add Turmeric (Haldi) and let it cook for 5 - 10 mins.
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Smita Bharti

Koi bhi vegetable banane se pehle tail me agar chutki bhar haldi daal diya jaye to vegetables se oil nahi udega or kam tail mein vegetables achi bani dekhegi. 

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Mahima Sarin

Bhindi should be properly dried, cooked on medium flame and salt should be added last when it is fully cooked.

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Mahima Sarin
If while cooking ghee, it is burnt, no worries. Just strain it, add the buttermilk that is left while making butter with the burnt ghee and rebook it. Once the buttermilk is vaporized, the burnt smell and colour of ghee will go and it will be normal
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Suman Choudhary

Add bhindi in hot oil. After some time add haldi at the end add salt mirch powder and other ingredients

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Mahima Sarin
Sprinkle some cornflour or rice flour on bhindi and deep fry them. Then fry onions separately and add bhindi and spices. Bhindi will be absolutely non sticky and crispy.
Adding a tablespoon of curd or a teaspoon of lemon juice while cooking ladies fingers will prevent them from sticking. The acid content in curd or lemon juice destroys the enzymes (responsible for stickiness) released during cooking.
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Heena Vallecha
Put few drops of lemon juice while cooking lady finger or crisp frying with some besan or cornflour
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Neha Badve
Wipe the Bhendi try with a kitchen towel before you cut it
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Praveen Handa
Bhindi will turn out non-sticky if it is cooked in a thick-bottomed pan with a little more quantity of oil than you normally take for other vegetables. Do not cover bhindi while cooking. Keep turning the vegetable at an interval of few minutes .
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Kriti Agrawal

Sprinkle lemon juice over the half cooked Bhindi and it's stickyness will fly away!

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How to make non-sticky bhindi?

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