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Let's Talk Techniques

Hola Home Chefs!

This week we’ve cooked up a storm in the Fortune kitchen. Guess what we’ve stumbled upon...the technique to make flaky, non-sticky and perfectly layered lachcha parathas! Yes, you heard right. Go on, witness the good to great tips we’ve uncovered as we can’t wait to hear about the nuances you bring to the table. Being the brilliant Home Chefs that you all are, we’re sure you’ll have some amazing techniques and spins of your own to share.

The Fortune Way: Layering your lachcha parathas the Punjabi way

Look at the unique spin given by other Home Chefs. Go ahead and mingle...


shweta-ayare-94's picture
Shweta Ayare
Quick and convenient techniques, you do not need to be a pro at making parathas but using these may make you like you've been cooking since ages ;)
gauri-bhatia-6's picture
Gauri Bhatia
Great techniques! Another tip also is that one should not apply too much pressure while rolling so the layers are more visible. I always keep this mind while making lachcha pratha...
vrushang-amin-51's picture
Vrushang Amin
Very easy way to cook.
mahima-sarin-58's picture
Mahima Sarin

After rolling paratha, apply water on the lower side of it and then put on pre heated tawa. Once paratha easily leaves tawa, cook directly on medium flame on gas. Then apply ghee. This comes out exactly like tandoori paratha.

These intricacies and details are what bring out the flavours! Keep sharing your culinary journey with other like-minded Home Chefs and you might just inch closer towards being crowned as the next Home Chef of the Month. 

Let’s together collate those fine techniques that can take India’s ghar ka khana from good to great.

Home Chefs going from good to great: