Soya Chunks

Spearheading the health revolution, these wonder nuggets bring with them the Power of Proti9 and their Super Soaking Shakti. All this packed into these colourful boxes makes Fortune Soya Badi a perfect combination of health and taste which boosts growth in children, has more protein in comparison to milk or eggs and is 99% fat-free.

Fortune Soya Chunks

Fortune Soya Chunks

Spearheading the health revolution, meet Fortune Soya which has 3 variants—Soya Chunks, Mini Chunks and Soya Granules. These wonder nuggets have super-soaking capabilities making them soft, delicious, filling and easy to digest.

What sets it apart?

These have the power of Proti-9, which consist of 9 types of amino acids, essential for healthy growth. It has 52% protein, higher than milk, wheat and eggs. Fortune Soya also has essential vitamins, minerals and fibre, which are vital for growing children. Being 99 % fat-free, they also help in reducing body weight, eliminate bad cholesterol and boost bone health.

Liner Cartons: 200 gms, 1 kg

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