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There’s no denying the fact that South India loves its rice. From special occasions to everyday food preparations, everything constitutes of rice. It’s delicious, easy to prepare and extraordinary in its own way.

Which is why today we’ll share with you a list of South Indian rice dishes that you can quickly prepare for office/college lunch breaks, and of course in some unlikely yet usual situations like a tight budget and a lazy day.

Curd Rice: Thayir Sadam is one of the most traditional food items cooked in various regions of South India. It tastes best when the rice is mushy as the curd and rice need to blend perfectly. Hence, Fortune Everyday Basmati Rice is the ideal choice, for it complements the dish without overpowering its flavour. You can finally enjoy this hearty meal by adding some curry leaves, chillies and mustard seeds to it. Perfect when you wish for something soothing, light yet tasty for lunch.


Bisibele Bhaat: Another traditional spicy rice dish from Karnataka, it’s perfect for any occasion from office lunch hours to small get together. To prepare this dish, you can use Fortune Everyday Basmati Rice, which is best suited for everyday dishes, and any other ingredient you wish to add. Cook both the rice & dal separately to maintain the dish's mushy yet grainy texture. It’s yummy, addictive and can be served piping hot with dollops of ghee, papad and raita.


Tomato Rice: This tangy yet spicy rice dish is ideal for lunchtime preparations. It’s guaranteed to be devoured by everyone. Famously known as Thakkali Sadam, you can cook this steamed rice with Fortune Traditional Basmati for its rich aroma will complement the dish without overshadowing it. You can relish it with papad or serve it with onion–tomato raita or boondi raita.


Tamarind Rice: Popularly known as Puli Sadam, tamarind rice is a traditional South Indian recipe. It's possibly the easiest rice dish to prepare and even beginners can give it a try and probably a spin of their own. Most ingredients used are dried or pre-processed spices, so the rice can be stored for a few days, making it ideal for lunch or travels.


Coconut Rice: Light in taste, Thengai Sadam is South India's favourite rice dish, served especially during Pongal. Coconut rice is pretty easy to cook when your taste buds are a little bored from the same ol' plain rice. All you have to do is use some freshly grated coconut and Fortune Traditional Basmati Rice for a satiating texture and aromatic flavour. You can serve it with vegetable stew or even fresh curd.


Mint Rice: Pudhina Sadam is that one food item that not only fills you up but also rejuvenates you. It requires only a handful of ingredients including some fresh springs of pudina leaves to create a masala paste that is mixed with cooked rice. Use Fortune Traditional Basmati Rice for not only will it give the dish earthy flavour but also an enticing aroma, which coupled with the fresh smell of mint will make the dish irresistible!

So next time when you feel stumped about what to carry for lunch, just go through this drool worthy list of rice dishes and experience the epitome of Om nom nom!


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Which droolworthy rice are you making for lunch today?

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