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So, who is the fairest of them all?

There’s always been a debate over which the crowd-favourite Basmati rice is. We’re reluctant to pick just one, so here’s what we have come up with:

Welcome to the Miss Basmati Pageant 2016!

A pageant, where the contestants vie for your votes, to be crowned Miss Basmati, the Queen of your kitchen and taste buds! After careful selection from the initial rounds, we’re left with four worthy contestants, but we can only have one winner. Ready to play judge?

“I’m just the girl next door, but hey, I’m still attractive! My simple personality helps prepare all kinds of dishes.” – Miss Everyday Basmati.

 “I think my travels around the world have made me eager and open to new things! I am the non-sticky grain for the fluffiest rice possible.” – Miss Super Basmati. 


 “I’m elegant, yet earthy and grounded, which is why people love me! I have the original great aroma that makes Basmati what it is.” – Miss Traditional Basmati. 


“My rich, regal aura leaves people in awe! I’m the longest grain which gives dishes that special look and flavor” – Miss Biryani Special Basmati.   

Now, that you have seen them vie for your votes let’s give our Miss Basmati contestants a chance to showcase all their talents and present you with their special dishes.

So, which one is the most droolworthy? It’s time to decide who’s getting your vote!



We’re going to tally the votes and announce the official winner soon, so keep checking Till then, keep cheering and telling us all about your favourite contestant in the comments section below. 

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