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Unique in composition, yet versatile in its taste, rice is one Indian staple that can be used in a variety of different ways. With its ability to satiate hunger, absorb different spices, and a high glycaemic index, rice finds use in many dishes across the length and breadth of India.

There are different varieties of rice, one of the most popular being basmati rice. While it's used in various rice dishes, the versatility of basmati rice is especially seen when used in sweet dishes and desserts. 

Below are a few yummy & popular rice-based sweets that you can cook with Fortune Everyday Basmati Rice.


Rice Kheer

Also called Rice Pudding, this common sweet prepared during festivals is an eternal favourite. While preparing, it is important to use the right quantity of whole fine grain rice to ensure the kheer is not too runny or watery.



Coconut & Rice Payasam

This delicious dish from southern India is sweetened with jaggery. The slight crunch from coconut flakes gives it a unique texture. This dish is made for most festivals and celebrations.

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Another delicate sweet pudding from Punjab, phirni is prepared from ground rice and is always eaten chilled. Try to explore new flavouring ingredients like mango, strawberry or saffron.

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Meethe Chawal

This sweet Punjabi dish is cooked for special occasions where rice is mixed with sugar syrup, saffron, and dry fruits. It is generally eaten warm and garnished with dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts, and raisins.

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This is a semi-thick sweet that requires the milk to be simmered for quite a while before adding rice, which again has to be cooked soft to achieve a pudding-like consistency. Add cardamom and saffron for extra flavouring.

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So, next time you cook some delicious Indian rice desserts, use aromatic Fortune Everyday Basmati Rice as it is available in a variety of grain sizes and price ranges that are suitable for all budgets and recipes; so you can use it for every type of rice dessert!

- By Neha Mathur

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Are there any other rice-based desserts which you would like to cook up with Fortune Everyday Basmati Rice?

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