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When in India, rice is a part of at least one meal of the day whether prepared in the North or the South. This grain is cooked in myriad different ways, infusing different tastes. 

The nutritive value, wholesomeness, and satiety of rice make it a favourite among all classes and cultures. Below given are a few rice dishes that are perennial favourites, and no matter from which part of India they originate, their taste or texture is loved by all.



Also called Pilaf, this spicy rice dish is made by cooking vegetables and rice together, and the addition of bay leaves, cloves, and cinnamon give the rice a beautiful flavour and aroma. The best accompaniment to Pulav is raita on the side, try boondi, cucumber, or mix veg raita. Each grain of Fortune Super Basmati Rice stands apart, giving the dish a rich look, aroma, and texture.


Dal Khichdi

Khichdi is a simple, comfort food that can be rustled up quickly. Dal khichdi is nutritious and wholesome, and very easy to cook. Fortune Everyday Basmati Rice is the ideal choice for khichdi as its fluffy texture and enticing aromas enhance the flavours of this simple dish. Serve the dal khichdi hot with a dollop of ghee on the top and coriander chutney & papad on the side to enjoy a wonderful comfort food meal.

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Jeera Rice

Mildly spiced and with the subtle flavour of jeera or cumin seeds, jeera rice is easy and quick to prepare and is one of the few rice dishes that doesn’t overpower the gravy or other accompaniments. Jeera Rice tastes best with some dal tadka. I use Fortune Traditional Basmati Rice to make this dish as it imparts a mesmerising aroma that makes my jeera rice a hit!

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Lemon Rice

A popular South Indian recipe, lemon rice is a quick tangy dish that uses lemon sparingly and beautifully. This dish can also be put together with leftover rice, which tastes even better. My choice of rice for this dish is Fortune Everyday Basmati Rice because it is ideal for everyday cooking, as it is available in a variety of grain sizes and price ranges. Also, it has nice aroma that blends in wonderfully with the flavours of lemon, making it flavoursome as well as aesthetically pleasing.

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Dum Biryani

An article on rice dishes is incomplete without mentioning the flavourful and spicy biryani. When cooked ‘dum’ style –leaving it under-cooked and letting it stew in its own steam and flavours, the biryani is a gourmand’s delight. Ensure that your biryani is non-sticky by using Fortune Biryani Special Basmati Rice as it is made of not only extra-long grains but is also non-sticky. This dual combo will give your biryani a royal look along with the perfect texture and taste.

So which one of these is your go-to rice dish? Put in your comments below to let us know. 

-By Neha Mathur

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What other Indian rice dishes do you love to cook?

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