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A staple dish of India, and an ingredient that can be used in all courses of a meal, rice is a nutritious grain, high in carbohydrates. It is most widely consumed by almost half of the world’s population.

Back in the day, rice was used as barter in trade, and even now is a crop that is widely imported and exported. The popularity of rice supersedes everything else, I’m sure just like every other family you have special rice dishes that you make at home. Let me give you 5 tips that will make you a rice master chef with Fortune Basmati Rice.


Food needs to allure the sight before it is devoured by taste buds, so it is utmost important to plate the food in way it looks appealing. You can use different types of moulds and ramekins for shaping your rice dish. All you have to do is to fill a mould with your cooked rice and invert it onto a plate. Why not make a nice triangular rice peak or a pastry-shaped rice dessert instead of the regular spherical moulds?

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Lunch box is one of the most difficult meal to make! Want to ensure that your kiddie finishes the tiffin without complaint? Sauté rice with vegetables like peas, beans, corn, tomatoes, and onions and voila! You have a wonderful fried rice dish for your kids’ lunch boxes. Quick, easy, and healthy. You can use Fortune Super Basmati Rice as it is best suited due its slender and non-sticky grains for all styles of versatile and experimental cooking, such as the fried rice.

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If you have visitors at home and have only rice around, don’t fret. Just cook the rice with some onion, chili, coriander, besan, and water and make it into a batter, then fry the batter to make rice fritters (pakoda), simple, easy and different!

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Want to give something healthy to your family that tastes great too? Take a tortilla, fill it with rice, boiled kidney beans (rajma), sliced onions, sliced capsicum, chopped tomatoes, sour cream, salt, your choice of masala, grilled paneer and if you are a non-vegetarian some grilled chicken, wrap and make it into a Burrito (a Mexican delicacy). Healthy, tasty and also the perfect picnic food.

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Celebrate your patriotism with the long grained, wholesome, aromatic Fortune Traditional Basmati Rice. Divide cooked rice into 3 parts, mix one part with tomato paste to give it an orange colour, mix the other with some coriander and mint paste to give a green colour. Carefully layer the green, followed by white, and then orange rice to make Tiranga with a personal touch.

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So, from the array of delicious Fortune Basmati Rice varieties, which all will you use to make these scrumptious dishes? Let us know in the comments below!

- By Neha Mathur

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Which rice tip are you going to try out? Don't forget to share your culinary experience with us!

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