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Dish of Fame

From Biryani to Risotto, from Paneer Masala to Butter Chicken, we received delicious love from the length and breadth of India. Take a look!

  • Nagsai's

    Vegetable Biryani

    I use Fortune Basmati Rice only.

  • Sailja Behera's

    Paneer Butter Masala

    I add a little cream to give it a rich taste.

  • Aditi's

    Egg Potato Curry

    I made it with fried boiled egg.

  • Prema's

    Orange Pulao

    I add some orange juice to it.

  • Sainub Suhail's

    Chicken Biryani & Russian Salad

    I use Fortune Basmati Rice only.

  • Shalini Digvijay's

    Paella with Chicken & Prawns

    A strip of bacon and lots of celery make my Paella (spanish rice) superlative.

  • Sangeetha Manivasagan's

    Vegetable Biriyani

    I add lot of coriander and mint leaves for nice flavour.

  • Neeraja Tikekar's

    Rajma Masala

    This Andhra-style dish tastes best with hot rice.

  • Neelima Afzulpurkar's

    Spicy Dal Tadka

    I use desi ghee for tempering, and serve with steaming Fortune Everyday Basmati Rice.

  • Shefali's

    Mixed Fried Rice

    This dish is cooked with seasonal vegetables, you can also add egg and prawns.

  • Sukla Maity's

    Indiana Chicken Sausage

    Cut chicken sausages into circular discs then simmer in onion-ginger-garlic-tomato gravy.

  • Jayeta Mukherjee's

    Bengali Chicken Curry

    I marinate chicken with curd and spices for at least an hour, and use mustard oil for cooking it.

  • Sushma Jaggia's

    Green Gram Pulao

    A wholesome healthy meal made with Fortune Everyday Basmati Rice accompanied by raita, broccoli, capsicum and carrot salad.

  • Nupur Banerjee's

    Bhetki Paturi

    Bhetki fish marinated with mustard and poppy seed paste & covered with banana leaf.

  • Purva Daga's

    Jodhpuri Kabuli

    This unique dish is made with curd and bread.

  • Grazilia Almeida's

    Soya Makhana Pulao

    I add marinated and stir-fried soya chunks and for extra zing I add some Sindhi wadi.

  • Salma Godil's

    Sigdi Smoked Rice

    It's a heavenly rice dish loaded with veggies and masalas. The smokey effect of coal added to it in the end gives it a unique flavour.

  • Savita Patel's

    Sarso Da Saag

    I use fresh green veggies.

  • Shweta Kothare's

    Dal Dhokli

    Dal Dhokli with Fortune Rice.

  • Preeti Mittal's

    Mexican Fried Rice

    My dish is sizzling Mexican Rice platter, which is served with hot & spicy salsa. A paste of tomatoes, garlic and dry red chillies and salsa gave this dish a spicy and chatpata flavour.

  • Rinki Ghosh's


    This authentic Bengali dish is made with jaggery, milk and grated coconut. I also use Fortune Basmati rice powder for different flavour and a royal look.

  • Nikita's

    Chicken Paprika with Herbed Rice

    I add wheat flour instead of maida to make the dish healthy. I also cook the rice separately and then add in pizza sauce and parsley.

  • Sushree Satpathy's

    Makar Chaula

    I make this delicious dish with soaked rice, sugar, gud, channa, ghee, kalimirch, kaju, kismis, milk, apple slices, grapes, banana, and coconut.

  • Sunita Katyal's

    Punjabi Kadi with Methi Pakoda

    For Punjabi variation of kadhi, add fresh methi leaves and palak to the pakodas. Also temper with ghee and whole red chillies.

  • Neeta Bhatt's

    Handva (Gujarati Veg Rice Bake)

    I make this dish with rice and udal daal atta. I also add doodi and mattar. Replace peanuts with pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds for a deliciously different taste.

  • Suvidha Kulkarni's


    I add fresh cream to temper the dish.

  • Shelly Moulik's

    Achari Alu Gobi

    I make my dish with whole achari masala, ginger paste and a pinch of sugar. It is tasty & healthy.

  • Parul Gupta's

    Creamy Paneer Lajabab

    I always use homemade mawa and freshly prepared garam masala to make my dish creamy and aromatic.

  • Meena's


    I add Homemade white butter for tempering.

  • Drashti Hazare's

    Palak Rice

    It is tangy with natural exotic colour.

  • Afreen Ashraf's

    Dum Biryani

    I add a dash of saffron, lemon and orange in the biryani.

  • Bhavana's

    Ragi Rice with Curd

    It is made with whole Ragi.

  • Gomathi Sundaresan's

    Paal Sadham

    This dish is prepared with rice, jaggery, coconut milk, and has biryani consistency. Add ghee, roasted nuts and raisins for garnishing.

  • Priyanka's

    Chicken Chatpata Curry

    I add a dash of honey, lemon and achari masala.

  • Hema Kumar's

    Bottle Gourd & Carrot Dumplings

    This healthy veggie dish is made with soya granules.

  • Rajyasree Dey's

    Nolen Gurer Payesh

    Instead of using traditional Bengali rice, I used Fortune Basmati Rice.

  • Shireen Srivastava's

    Prawn Fried Rice

    I flavor the aromatic rice with freshly ground pepper, soya sauce and white pepper powder and add chopped veggies and prawns.

  • Aahi Aggarwal's

    Kabuli Chana Biryani

    Layered Kabuli Chana Biryani with saffron milk.

  • Gunjan Kapadia's

    Mushroom Biryani

    I bake the mushrooms with spicy-tangy marination until golden crisp.

  • Mrs Archana Kshirsagar's

    Paneer Makhanwala

    I use fresh paneer and herbs for a refreshing flavour.

  • Priya's

    Mexican Biryani

    Complete meal in itself for Mexican flavour.

  • Ashwini Athani's

    Thayir Saadam (Special Curd Rice)

    Thayir Saadam is a combination of curd, milk and rice. It's my daughter's favourite, so I add dry and raw fruits to make it more delicious.

  • Sharanya's

    Mushroom Biryani

    I use marinated mushrooms to make this tasty Biryani.

  • Vijayalata Balge's

    Satoyama Biryani

    Satoyama in Japanese means in harmony with nature. The signature twist is the Great Indian taste blending with the beautiful Japanese decoration!

  • Snehlata Saraf's

    Green Pulao

    While cooking rice, add lemon juice, salt, tejpatta and laung to make khusbudar and khile-hue rice.

  • Saranga Shrivastava's

    Wholesome Biryani

    I make biryani with rice, soya nuggets and tofu to give my favourite biryani a healthy and yummy twist.

  • Pravallika's

    Fried Spicy Paneer Basmati rice Biryani

    Lemon chutney with coconut milk mix

  • Mrs Nirmal Kapur's

    Achchari Pindi Chole

    I add 2 spoons of aam achchar masala while making tadka for pindi chole that gives a new dimension of taste to pindi chole

  • Aditi Sen's

    Prawn Masala

    I add some spicey garam masala to give it a special taste. I also like to serve it with basmati rice

  • Abhilasha's

    Coconut Rice

    I add coconut milk to give it a special touch.

  • Deepika's

    Soya Chunks in Roasted Coconut Gravy

    Transform soya chunks into a flavorful curry. Simply add parsley to coconut milk.

  • Shilpi Sarthi's

    "So Cheesy" Kofta Curry

    I decorate my Cheese Kofta curry with fresh cream and garnish it with mint leaves for smooth texture and mild minty flavour.

  • Nellu Kaura's

    Phulkari Biryani

    I made This dish with punjabi style gravy with vegetables.Tricolour PunjabI touch and

  • Tamanna Agrawal's

    Lentil covered with snow of rice and cheese

    Cook spinach with cream and rice. Layer cooked rice, lentils and roast onion rings one after the other. Finally sprinkle grated Mozzarella cheese & grill for 10 minutes.

  • Pina Raval's

    Paneer pepper rice

    Boil rice, red, green, and yellow peppers. Sauté fresh paneer, oregano, chilly flakes, pepper & black pepper, and cheese in Fortune oil. Lastly, garnish with onion and garlic.

  • Kalpana vinay's

    Crunchy spinach rice with cheesy rings

    I sprinkle some Nuts to make it extra delicious.

  • Gausia Shakil 's

    Soya Malai Kofta

    Instead of Paneer, I add Soya granules to the Kofta. Soya not only adds to the texture but also enhances the nutritional value of the dish.

  • Alamelu Manickam's

    Palak Paneer

    My secret Ingredient is Aamchur powder. Add 1/2 tsp Aamchur powder for extra different taste.

  • Rida's

    Achari Chicken Biryani

    Used Keri Achar , Green Chilli Chutney to make this biryani more spicy & tasty

  • Krishna Chavda's

    Hariyalai Veg.Biryani

    I add smooth paste of coriander, mint leaves & green chillies in veg. Biryani for different taste nd fragnance & served with Salty chilled curd :)

  • Shilpa Godiya's

    Green chutney pulao

    I add fresh mint leaves in this dish, which gives it nice aroma and brilliant taste


    Sweet &Sour Kadhi with Soya Nuggets Pakoras

    While preparing kadhi, I add some ripe & raw mango pulp, and instead of normal besan pakoras I add soya nugget pakoras, it tastes great and is healthy too.

  • Preeti Lal's

    Dhungar Rajma Masala

    i add my own magic masala into rajma n then last give smoky effect n serve it with fortune Rice :)

  • Meenakshi Kapur's

    Malai Rajma masala

    I first fry onions with a pinch of salt to give them brown color and then add tomato puree and other other spices and just before serving I add 1/2 cup of malai to give them a smooth sweet texture

  • Heena Vallecha's

    fish curry

    its homestyle

  • Garima's

    Mutton korma

    While frying onions to brown colour, i add salt