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Fortune Super Basmati Rice

With a rich flavour, Fortune Super Basmati Rice is best suited for experimental and versatile cooking, especially dishes like Pulao, Fried Rice, Rissoto etc. Each grain separates and imparts a fluffy texture to your dish with such deliciousness, that it brings sheer joy on the face of your loved ones. Now, you can get the super value of 30% extra with each pack.

Fortune Super Basmati Rice

Grain Size: Full Grain Bags: 1 kg, 5 kgs, 10 kgs, 20 kgs & 25 kgs


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What humble dish makes the Onam Sadya the grand feast that it is?

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Onam Sadya is a delicious spread of vegetarian dishes, served on a banana leaf in Kerela. The dish that holds the meal together is plain boiled rice.

Like James' martini, your rice too should never be stirred! Stirring rice while cooking activates and releases starch, which makes your rice gloppy.

Life is filled with a lot of firsts. But do you remember the first meal of your life?

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In the Indian ceremony of Annaprashana - the first feeding, rice plays a central role, as the first solid food placed in a baby’s mouth.

During an aarti, a red teeka is applied on the forehead. Rice grains are added on special occasions representing steadfastness, firmness and peace,

How does washing and soaking Basmati before cooking enhance your dish?

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Soaking Basmati rice for at least 30 minutes before cooking allows the grains to absorb water and cook evenly without breaking.


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