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Party favourite, Veg Pulao

Loaded with the goodness of veggies, this rice dish is a hit with old and young alike. Here’s a simple recipe with easily available veggies for the classic veg pulao that you can add to your recipe book.

Veg Pulao Recipe

Party favourite, Veg Pulao
  • Fortune Basmati rice cooked (2 cups)
  • Cauliflower separated into florets (1/2 medium)
  • Carrot chopped (1 medium)
  • French beans chopped (6-8)
  • Salt (as per the taste)
  • Peas (1/4 cup)
  • Clarified butter (ghee) (2 tsp)
  • Bay leaf (tejpatta) (2)
  • Cardamom (elaichi) (3–4)
  • Cloves (laung) (3-4)
  • Cumin (jeera) (1 tsp)
  • Peppercorns (7-8)
  • Cinnamon (dalchini) (1-inch stick)
  • Let’s first cook the veggies. Heat around 4–5 cups of water in a deep pan, add cauliflower, carrot, beans and salt to it. Stir, cover and cook for about 2–3 mins, then add green peas, cover and cook further till the vegetables are almost done.
  • Heat ghee in another kadhai, add tejpatta, elaichi, cinnamon, cloves and cumin seeds. Sauté till the seeds splutter. Add peppercorns and mix.
  • Now stir in the cooked vegetables, cooked rice and salt. Gently mix, cover and cook for 2 mins.
  • Serve hot with some raita on the side.


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