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Burst those diabetic myths!

Before we begin, here’s a simple fact that we all should know, it’s diabetes, it’s not the apocalypse. Diabetes has been doing rounds for centuries now and that’s why so many myths have prevailed. But aaj, Fortune VIVO Buddy ke saath, pop those bubbles with these common myth busters, once and for all!

I am on insulin. I can eat whatever I desire.

Wrong! What you eat and how you live is what you become. A diet which is high in carbs and fat diet is a big NO! Always remember your diet and lifestyle are of utmost importance for good diabetes management. The fact that you are on insulin indicates you need to take more care of your diet to avoid further damage.


I eat so much sugar! What if I get diabetes?

Nope, it’s not the sugar directly:

  1. Type-1 diabetes is caused by genetics and other unknown factors.
  2. Excessive weight increases your risk of developing type-2 diabetes, and a diet HIGH IN CALORIES contributes to weight excess sugar can cause weight gain, which can lead to diabetes.


I have glucometer to monitor my blood glucose levels at home, never gonna go to the doctor again. What do you have?

A solid fact to burst that myth!

Glycated haemoglobin is an indicator that establishes your overall diabetes level. Only a blood test can determine your Glycosylated H A1c levels, which is why you MUST visit your doctor to get it checked, and regulate your diet and medical regime accordingly.


Why workout at all when I have my medicines/insulin to take care of my diabetes!

Two simple reasons!

  1. It helps in maintaining an active lifestyle with better glucose utilization and a healthy functioning of the vital organs.
  2. Who doesn’t want to look fabulous and in great shape!


I have diabetes, I can never donate blood again!

Absolutely NOT true! You can still be a hero and save lives as long as your diabetes is well controlled. 

So, why are you still reading? Get off that couch and start leading a healthy lifestyle.

Cooking tips and Fortune VIVO Oil recipes ke liye, visit Cooking Companion. And of course, NEVER FORGET to consult your good ol’ friend, the DOCTOR before you make any of the above life-changing decisions. 

Inputs and validation by Neha Chandna, Dietician, Nutrition Educator, Exercise Counselor with an M.Sc. in Dietetics & Food Service Management from SVT. She has lent her expertise to several top brands and corporates on health, food and fitness programmes.


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