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4 facts that will pop that food-myth bubble right now!

Along with regular workouts and proper medication, smart food choices play a significant role in helping you lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Don’t believe us? Let’s hear out what Fortune VIVO Buddy has to say.

“The first rule to leading a healthy lifestyle despite having diabetes is to not pay attention to what the world has to say about your diet. Only you and your doctor have a say in it.”

Now that we have got our facts straightened out, let’s burst those food myths that have been swarming diabetes for centuries.

I'm not overweight! I can't get diabetes

More than your weight, your waist size matters. The bigger the waist the higher the insulin resistance. In fact, Indians have lower lean body mass but high fat percentage compared to others.

So let’s eat right and keep our surroundings proportionate and those inches in check.

Carbs? *Sigh! No, please

But you can!

Carbs are what fuel your body after an exhausting day. No way can you do away with them. You can however include complex carbs, like whole grains, cereals, pulses etc. in your diet. So, say yes to complex carbs and no to the simple ones.

To eat or not to odd times!

Food temptation especially at ungodly hours is not an odd feeling, even for people with diabetes. So, the best way to satisfy your cravings is by following a diet plan. You can however indulge in a bite or two of whatever it is that you crave for. That way you can keep your temptations as well as eating habits in check. Simple, isn’t it? 

I have diabetes! My diet needs are different from yours


Everyone including you needs to eat healthy food filled with fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean protein and good fat. Plus, when you have a healthy kitchen companion like Fortune VIVO Oil, toh phir kya darna. Bas khul ke jiyo and make smart food choices by cooking up these delicious and exciting recipes by your Cooking Companion!

*Bubble popped*, didn’t it!

Well then, why are you still reading? Get up and going with your new food habit and of course your new kitchen companion, Fortune VIVO Oil. But as always, make sure to discuss your diet plans with your most trusted advisor first, the doctor.


Finally, if you are up for a challenge...

Play this fun game and see what your Diabetes Quotient has to say about your food habits.Don’t forget to share your personalized avatar with us in the comments section below. It’s fun, it’s useful and it’ll make you think about your food habits. 


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