Our lives are full of moments when our mom's cooking brought a smile to the face. Yet, we take her for granted. Let's thank her and pledge to

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Moments shared on Mother's Day that give us all the more reason to #MakeHerSmile

Rashu Sarogi

In my childhood I got very sick and doctor allowed me to only eat boiled food because my stomach had swelled. That time my mom used cook simple food and I remember that was more awesome than any other dish.

Jain Shubhra

Sunday breakfast was always yummy and full of excitement. We looked forward to Sunday breakfast to start our day. It did require a lot of preparation with mom getting up in wee morning hours, while we were peacefully sleeping. As soon as we used to wake up, the table would be set with yummy, hot items like puri with aloo sabzi. I loved every bite of it. Not to forget the delicious cakes and puddings which were always ready for all of us sisters and cousins to feast on. Thinking of these makes my mouth water. Thank you mom for the delicacies and the wonderful memories we keep on cherishing.


My mom loves cooking and because of her, I also love cooking. She is the lady who has been making beautiful dosas since 1981 or even before my birth. I love my mamma but i haven't got the opportunity to cook for her yet.

Khushnaaz Sopariwalla

When I was a kid my mom used to call me to the kitchen when she was cooking and ask me to add salt and all other spices. I would fill the spoon and ask her if the quantity was ok...she would then tell me to either reduce it or add a bit more. That is how she taught me cooking without me even realising it!!

Latakshi Garg

When I was studying in university, I used to get up late but my mother made sure that I never skip the meal. Even on my wedding day...she was worried about food. Whether I have eaten something or not. Thank you maa for taking care of me and for your unconditional love... I pledge to #MakeyHerSmile.. love you

Nishi Khare

As moms they always ensure that we kids eat our meals on time and the intake should be healthy too.When I was a teenager I developed this special liking for chinese food and every time I went out I wanted to eat chinese.I don't know how she found out the recipe as during those days the use of internet wasn't very popular. She started making Chinese food for me which way better than those served at restaurants and healthier.Thank you Mom for all the efforts you took to see a smile on my fave.

Prachi Gupte

I was the sports captain in school. But, I used to feel dead tired after coming home. Mom understood that I was feeling weak. She then started my morning breakfast with a bowl full of soup. I never felt nauseated drinking soups because everyday there was an innovation in her soup recipe. Her paaya soup, crab soup did wonders and touch wood ,never in my life till date I've felt tired or weak. Thanks Mom! You are truly a Super Mom.

Mayank Chandra

My Mom has always told me about the importance of eating healthy food and eating right things at the right time. She always made sure I don't skip breakfast. She has always made sure where ever I am, I eat properly. She uses quality products of Fortune for cooking delicious food for our family & never compromises on our health. Right from birth till date she has made sure I get tasty food no matter which part of the world I am. Every day at breakfast, lunch and dinner I celebrate food moment with her. On this mothers day, I appreciate the awesome initiative by FORTUNE! I take Pledge to #MakeHerSmile.

Archana Kamath

My mom always believed in healthy eating as it would give me the nutrition required to stay healthy and active. Hence, she made it a point to prepare healthy food with lots of green veggies, salads and chutneys. Of course, she also made tasty chatpata food once in a while as one should eat a balanced meal not just for our stomach but also indulge in some tongue tickling foods to aid in good digestion. She allowed me to try out different menus at home which added variety and gave a new insight into different regional cuisines. At school, she made bread and rotis rolled with stuffed green veggies,potatoes etc. in tasty masalas. My mom regularly made green chutney which went fabulously with bread, rotis, dosas,idlis etc. as coriander and mint gave us the immunity. After college too, I came back excitedly looking forward to the garam garam mummy ke haath ka khana. No five star hotel khana can match the home made cooked food served with love by our dear Mom.

Mou Dey

During college days, whenever I came home with a broken heart she cheered me up with her Keema Paratha. Whenever I finished packing to go somewhere, she used to come with few dabbas of long lasting snacks like sakkarpade, namakpade, besan laddu etc. Post marriage whenever I come to my mom's place, I am asked to stay away from the kitchen. Instead, she cooks all my favourite dishes like pulao, mutton curry, etc.

We all have such beautiful moments to cherish. Let's thank her and pledge to #MakeHerSmile!