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Always put your best food forward!

May your feet take you where your heart wants to go! All you need is a little extra love and pedi-care.

Many people assume diabetes to be only a blood sugar problem, which it is, but this also makes diabetics more prone to foot infections or poor wound healing. So, they do need a lot more extra attention. But fikar not, as Grooming Guru is here to save the day!

Fortune VIVO Buddy knows the right way to pamper your feet. And that’s why one should heed his advice, after all healthy feet are happy feet. Now, all you have to do is follow these simple tips for the best possible foot health from the comfort of your home:

#1 Foot scrubs to the rescue

Even after regular care, dirt, pollution and many other such miscreants play a big role in helping those particles settle down in places like cuts and curves. To avoid this, scrub and pamper your feet every day with warm water and dry them well.

VIVO Buddy Tip: Give hot water a skip as it might burn your skin. Also, use talcum powder and dry the water between your toes to prevent infections.

#2 Trim those toenails

Long toenails are nothing but an invitation for infections. So, trim those toenails regularly to keep your feet healthy. However, be careful while doing so to avoid cuts and also snip them straight instead of curved.

VIVO Buddy Tip: Cut your toe nails after a shower to make trimming easier but make sure your feet and nails are dry.

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#3 Time for foot self-exams

With diabetes, the nerve sensation in the feet reduces, not allowing you to feel any noticeable pain or discomfort. Therefore, it’s best to check your feet every day for cuts, boils, red spots and take action, if need be.

VIVO Buddy Tip: If you cannot bend or reach down comfortably, simply use a mirror to see the sole of your feet.

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#4 Cover ‘em up

Are you a shoe person? Well then, this tip might just turn out to be your favourite. To avoid an accidental wound, whose sensation of pain you might not even feel, wear socks and shoes most of the time. Make sure you pick comfortable, breathable and a light-weight pair of shoes.

VIVO Buddy Tip: Those tight shoes you always wanted can actually give you shoe bites or rashes and increase the chances of infections. So remember, comfort before fashion.

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So, you thought foot care tips are all we have to offer for the day…

Nope, we have more up our sleeves that can help you remain stress-free and fit. Wondering how? Don’t fret, just stay updated with our cooking techniques and diabetes-friendly recipes by being a part of our Home Chef panel right away! 

Inputs and validation by Neha Chandna, Dietician, Nutrition Educator, Exercise Counselor with an M.Sc. in Dietetics & Food Service Management from SVT. She has lent her expertise to several top brands and corporates on health, food and fitness programmes.


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