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All the pampering, none of the risks

Who doesn’t love pampering? A dimly lit room, soothing music, aromatic flowers and someone massaging your sore muscles to give you much-needed relaxation! Pure euphoria. Right?

Whilst many people enjoy such spa sessions, they can reduce blood flow in diabetics, especially if sugar levels are not in control. Here are a few ways to enjoy a blissful spa session at home. With some help from Fortune VIVO Buddy ab hoga na koi risk, na koi infection! 

#1 Home is where the spa is

To de-stress is to live! How about hiring a masseuse who’ll visit your home to take care of your spa needs?

You can get the benefits of a spa minus the distractions, not to mention that extra care and personal attention! Ask your friends, your doctor or simply look online to find an expert. As a precaution, use your own kit. If you don’t have one, ask them to sterilize theirs.

VIVO Buddy Tip:  Tell the therapist that you are diabetic and give them an extra set of instructions like being gentle and not exceeding the prescribed temperature! Being a little firm at the start will help you relax and enjoy the rest of your spa.

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#2 Soak your worries away

If you are looking for an easy way to rejuvenate, nothing beats a hot tub bath to unwind after a long day. To spice it up, add some bath salts. Light up some candles, borrow some magazines, turn on some music and lose yourself. Put your phone away though, the selfies can wait! This easy spa treatment for a diabetic also helps reduce blood sugar levels and improve sleep.

VIVO Buddy Tip: Diabetics lose their sensitivity in extreme temperatures. So make sure the water is not too hot, somewhere in the range of 90–95 degrees Fahrenheit.

#3 Exfoliate your way to silky soft skin

Use a scrub or loofah to exfoliate your arms, legs and torso. There are many types, brands and flavours available, so go ahead, splurge! It’s the best way to rejuvenate without the risk of infections, and it will leave your skin silky smooth and soft!

VIVO Buddy Tip: Use a ground pumice stone to scrub your feet and don’t forget to moisturize them with a thick, emollient moisturizer. Take extra precautions to exfoliate gently to avoid rashes or dry skin.

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#4 Handy tips to put your best foot forward!

Though highly debated, pedicures/manicures ensure that feet and hands remain clean and hydrated, which is important when you are managing diabetes. However, buying your own manicure/pedicure kit is important! Some other checkpoints include: no cutting the skin near the nail bed, avoiding razors, no lotion between the toes and of course being gentle.

VIVO Buddy Tip:  Don’t share the kit with anyone. Not even your partner! When it comes to diabetes, self-care before spouse-care!

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Toh relax karo with these useful tips and share them with your friends.

Let them all know about the new VIVO way of life! Also, don’t forget to cook up some diabetic-friendly meals with Fortune VIVO Oil, after all, healthy body ko bhi chahiye yummylicious healthy khaana!

Inputs and validation by Neha Chandna, Dietician, Nutrition Educator, Exercise Counselor with an M.Sc. in Dietetics & Food Service Management from SVT. She has lent her expertise to several top brands and corporates on health, food and fitness programmes.


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