Fortune Biryani Premier League Fortune Biryani Premier League

Ek Dish, Anek Swaad

The fate of this war is yours to decide. Did your champion win this war? Find out below!

The contenders that fought this war

  • Blazing Bhatkal

    Blazing Bhatkal

    'Don't underestimate the underdog!' says Karnataka hudugi, Kavya. She's confident Bhatkal will surprise you all with its incredible aroma and taste. Neighbours, beware of this all-rounder!

    Total Votes 20909
    Total Wins 1/1
  • Awesome Ambur

    Awesome Ambur

    Ramya wants you to know that a distinctly beautiful biryani lies in its simplicity. She'll do whatever it takes to ensure Ambur runs faster than them between the wickets to be the winner!

    Total Votes 13412
    Total Wins 0/1
  • Mind-Blowing Malabar

    Mind-blowing malabar

    Kerala girl, Rasna is confident that Malabar will make an indelible mark on this competition and is certain that it's royal flavours have those match-winning abilities!

    Total Votes 8675
    Total Wins 1/1