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Burn those calories with a splash!

For many diabetics, the likelihood of stepping into a workout routine may seem overwhelming. Also heat and humidity aren’t the best invitation to exercise. But guess what? Your Exercise Ally, Fortune VIVO Buddy, knows of a surprisingly favourable workout routine which will help you lead a healthier lifestyle without breaking a sweat.

Working out is more fun if you are splashing around in the pool and the best part, no laps required! Yup, you heard that right. Also, these pool workouts don’t put any pressure on your joints but burn mega calories, which along with using Fortune VIVO Oil, is great for diabetics to manage their blood sugar levels.

We know you can’t wait to dive straight into these workouts but before you do, Fortune VIVO Buddy dena chahta hai aapko kuch useful tips:

“These keep-fit sessions are only safe if done every day for 45 minutes to an hour and a good post-workout stretch will keep your muscles supple and strong. And yes, it’s best to do them under professional supervision and with your doctor’s consent.”

Burn those calories with a splash!

Raising the bar, sideways
One of the easiest ways to burn ‘em calories! Do we see your glass being raised higher?

VIVO Buddy Guide: Hold on to one side of the pool with your left hand and raise your right leg up sideways, with your knee slightly bent. Do 20 reps, relax and repeat on the other side.

Burn those calories with a splash!

Jumpin' Jack SPLASH
Skipping, soul cycle, Pilates...aah! Try jumping jacks in water and make one big splash.

VIVO Buddy Guide: Jump sideways, opening both your arms and legs simultaneously and bring them back together, landing on your feet. Do only 50 counts at a time! 

Burn those calories with a splash!

Aquathon, anyone?
Water spot jogging sure is challenging but the cool quotient goes to infinity!

VIVO Buddy Guide: Jog in the water landing on your whole foot and not your toes, just like you do on land. Remember, 100 counts only at a stretch folks.

We bet you're about to hop straight into your nearest pool...

But do carry along high sugar foods like dates or a banana to make sure you do not suffer from hypoglycaemia. Aur post-workout hunger pangs ke liye, stay updated with irresistible diabetic-friendly recipes, which you can cook up with Fortune VIVO Oil by signing up here.

Inputs and validation by Neha Chandna, Dietician, Nutrition Educator, Exercise Counselor with an M.Sc. in Dietetics & Food Service Management from SVT. She has lent her expertise to several top brands and corporates on health, food and fitness programmes.