People have made a
promise so should you
Karo #DilSePyaar
Make a promise to take care of the hearts
you live in
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Make a promise for your loved one

Yeh hai mera #DilSePyaar karne ka promise.

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In a world filled with convenience, we are gravitating towards making unhealthy choices. The increasing number of heart diseases for individuals under 50 is concerning. So this year on World Heart Day, we at Fortune are on a mission to encourage people to make a lifestyle change. Join us, make a promise today, to make a small healthy change in your lifestyle that can make a big impact on not only your health, but also the wellbeing of your loved ones. Top 10 participants will get a chance to win Fortune Rice Bran Health oil for one year and lucky winners will win Fortune Goodies. Support us by taking active participation, and encourage your friends and family to talk about healthy living.