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The smoothiest way to energize your evenings

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word DIABETES? Sugar and restrictions, right?

Lekin Fortune VIVO Buddy hain na, to change things for the better. Diabetes shouldn’t limit your lifestyle. Even with all the cutbacks, ab jeeyo life restriction-free, right food aur right attitude ke saath. Oh yes, you can still drink those yummy smoothies and drinks without having to worry about the after-effects. And that’s the silver lining, always eat right, use Fortune VIVO Oil and half the battle is won!

Here’s a list of the world’s yummiest diabetic-friendly drinks that you can prepare. Before we dive in, note karlo yeh healthy tip:

You can have any one of these drinks during your snack time as it is when the body processes it best.

#1 Strawberry Smoothie

You read that right. Strawberries are rich in vitamins and fibre; plus all that calcium from the yoghurt or curds is an A+ for your bones.

VIVO Buddy Fact: Strawberries are one the many berries that contain few carbs per serving, they are perfect for diabetes control.

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#2 Superfood Smoothie

You can whip this up from a wide range of veggies and fruits, such as avocados, berries, and kale, among others. It is said to help clean your blood circulation and boost your metabolism.

VIVO Buddy Fact: Avocado helps in improving insulin sensitivity, so be generous.

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#3 Mango Lassi

One must always maintain steady glucose level by eating at regular intervals. If one compromises on lunch, then the best way to compensate during teatime is to replace your cuppa with mango lassi. A yummy combo of mango and sugar-free regular yogurt/curd has the goodness of health and tastes great too.

VIVO Buddy Fact: Add a dash of coconut milk for an extra dose of yum.

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#4 Oatmeal Smoothie

What’s better than a vitamin-filled smoothie? A fibre-dense whole grain smoothie, combined with yoghurt or skimmed milk; a glass can be mouthful, stomach-full and keep you healthy & happy.

VIVO Buddy Fact: Add the super fruit banana as a secret ingredient to give yourself that much-needed boost.

Oh wait, before you go, your pal VIVO Buddy has two things to say:

1. You may have diabetes, but diabetes can never have you!

2. Proportion is the key to a healthy lifestyle. So before diving into the world of smoothies, karo apne doctor ko consult!  

Inputs and validation by Neha Chandna, Dietician, Nutrition Educator, Exercise Counselor with an M.Sc. in Dietetics & Food Service Management from SVT. She has lent her expertise to several top brands and corporates on health, food and fitness programmes.


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