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Salad sticks with Beetroot dip: Snacking made healthier!

Planning a party this weekend? We’ve got the perfect dip recipe to make your evening even better! Pair this fresh beetroot dip with salad sticks or indulge as an appetizer by itself. Food is the soul of any party so you don’t have to miss out on the fun part only because you’re diabetic. Let Fortune VIVO Buddy guide you through the method to whip up this dip.

Got the needed ingredients together? Now blend them till smooth, refrigerate and serve it to your guests with some fresh salad!

 So no more being guilty about indulging in unwanted calories each time you go to a party as this yummy dip is rich in protein and fibre, thanks to beetroot and curd. Also, the salad sticks (cucumber and carrot), loaded with fibre are ideal for diabetics as they help lower the blood sugar levels and keep diabetes in check.

So what are you waiting for? Get your ingredients together and blend them all. Have an awesome party!

VIVO Buddy Tip: Have this dip every day as a starter or a filler between your meals, it’s healthy after all! You can also replace beetroot with celery, mint or spring onions to give your dip a veggie twist.


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