Biryani Moments
Biryani Moments

Biryani paves the way for unforgettable memories...

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Biryani Moments

No doubt Biryani bonds people. Though we are Hindu, we celebrate Eid like Diwali. We go to our Muslim neighbours where we relish the delicious biryani. It's beautiful when we all meet over biryani.

- Sarika Kumar

I knew nothing about cooking when my mom passed away. Self learned and today my biryani is appreciated by everyone. People ask me for recipes and I feel emotional, yet proud of myself.. Biryani unites!

- Farha

Biryani is always special for us in our circle. Everyone likes it a lot. On Eid, my husband's friends came over to eat my special biryani. They liked it so much that they gave me lots of Eidi for a yummy biryani!

- Farha Arshad

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Biryani Mubarak

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Kriti Singhal

An office colleague is keeping roza and since he stays away from home, he misses iftar dishes. I cooked Kathal Biryani for him one day and the happiness he felt cannot be described in words! :)

Amrin Ehtesham

While I waited for my school van, I noticed that a small restaurant had a chef cook biryani. My mom still shares this story with pride that I was so keen to learn how to prepare biryani that I made a small bowl of biryani in 5th class.

Umme Athiya

Without Biryani, Eid celebrations are incomplete. On Eid, we will be sending biryani boxes to my neighbours and all my friends in the city. Few friends come home to enjoy biryani too! #BiryaniMoments

Ritu Khalid

Biryani is a heavenly dish, I simply love it. Especially the home cooked, healthier one. I never missed a chance to visit my friends and neighbours on the occasion of Eid just to enjoy biryani, to be honest.

Ramadan Kareem

Biryani and festivities go hand in hand! Watch to know more...

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