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Pickle Hall Of Fame

The champions of the art of pickling

Carrot & Turnip Pickle

Shikha Ahuja's Carrot & Turnip Pickle

Turnip aur carrot ko paani me halka boil kar de. Fir bahar nikal ke haldi, salt, spring onion or rai mila kar thanda karne ke liye rakhe. Ek jar mein half litre oil daalkar ye carrot or turnip mixture daal de.

Jackfruit Pickle

Animika Sahai's Jackfruit Pickle

In a jar, add blanched pieces of jackfruit, salt, asafoetida, turmeric powder, roughly ground red chillies and yellow mustard. Fill it with Fortune Kachi Ghani Oil and leave it in sun for 4-5 days.

Red Chilli Pickle

Kajal Choudhary's Red Chilli Pickle
Kanpur (Nagar)

Heat a pan and dry roast red chilli, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, mustard seeds. Remove from heat and grind into powder. Add salt and dry mango powder. Stuff each chilli in a jar and add Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil till it reached the brim.

Mango Chilli Pickle

Supta Sarkar's Mango Chilli Pickle

Heat mustard oil in a pan, add mango pieces, chillies and cook with salt and turmeric on a low flame for 15 mins. Add sugar, mustard paste, hing, roasted & grounded spices of methi, saunf & cumin and mix together.

Karonde ka Achaar

Kapil Mittal's Karonde ka Achaar

Cut karonde into half. Mix salt & turmeric powder with the karonde. Keep them in sunlight for 2-3 days. Mix red chilli powder, fenugreek seeds, saunf, hing & mustard oil to karonde. Leave it in the sun till it is soft.

Kancha Lonkar Achaar

Sujata Ganguly's Kancha Lonkar Achaar

Mix green chilli, lime juice and salt. Dry roast saunf, methi, ajwain and cumin seeds. Heat 1 cup of mustard oil, add sugar, hing & roasted masalas. Add mustard paste, chillies, salt, mango pod and cook.

Mango Pickle

Meenu K Mangal's Mango Pickle

5 kg green Mangoes, washed and cut in to small pieces. Take 1 ltr Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil, 900 gm salt, 200 gm saunf, 200 gm methi dana, 50 gm kalonji, 100 gm haldi,100 gm red chilli powder and mix all the ingredients together.

Garlic Pickle

Pushpa Choudhary's Garlic Pickle
Kanpur (Nagar)

Peel off the garlic skin and dry them for 3-4 hours. Add turmeric powder, salt, chilli powder, fenugreek powder, mustard seeds, asafoetida and Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil. Mix it well.

Nimboo Achaar

Sonali's Nimboo Achaar

10 lemons, 3 spoons rock salt, 1 spoon sugar, red chilli powder, hing, 1 mud pot, thin cotton cloth. Cut lemons in 2-4 parts. Mix above mentioned ingredients in a pot and leave it for fifteen days. Achaar is ready!

Nimbu ka Aachar

Pratibha Sharma's Nimbu ka Aachar

Nimbu kaat kar cooker mein daal de, Thoda nimbu ka ras aur salt daal kar, 2 siti le le. Fir usmein black salt, dana methi, hing, lal mirch, kutti kali mirch, 1 cup sugar aur saunf milka de. Thanda hone par jar mein bhar de.

Drumstick Pickle

Neha Arora's Drumstick Pickle

Dry roast fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, mustard seeds, peppercorns. In a grinder, mix together roasted masala, turmeric powder, red chilli powder & salt. Heat mustard oil & then allow it to cool. Add the masala & chopped drumsticks.

Muli ka Achaar

Renu Raje's Muli ka Achaar

Take muli, black sarso, lal mirch, amchur, salt, sarso oil, haldi and hara mirch. Cut muli into round shapes and wash it. Grind the black sarso. Mix together, put in a jar and keep in the sun for one day. After that, achaar is ready to eat.

Soya Badi Achaar

Sheetal Manocha's Soya Badi Achaar

Soak and squeeze Fortune Soya Badi. Heat and cool Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil and add asafoetida, grated raw mango, achaar masala, salt and soya badi. Store in a glass jar.

Garlic Sweet & Sour Pickle

Ritu Aneja's Garlic Sweet & Sour Pickle

Heat Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil and let it cool. Mix all ingredients (salt, pepper, methi powder, saunf powder, haldi, gur, garlic, mustard oil and lemon juice) in a glass jar. Leave it in sunlight for 10-15 days. Yum and heart healthy pickle is ready.

Kundru ka Achaar

Talat Mohsin's Kundru ka Achaar

Aadha kilo kundru le kar saaf kare aur kaat le. Usse raat mein 4 tbsp vinegar mila de. Subah chan ke, sarso ke tel mein fry kare. Haldi, lal mirch, namak. heeng, bhuna cuta jeera, methi aur rai mila de. And it is ready.

Andhra Brinjal Pickle

Veeralakshmi's Andhra Brinjal Pickle

Take out brinjal pulp. Take onion pieces 1/2 cup, red chillies 3, green chillies 3 ,salt, coriander 2 spoons, pinch of tamarind and grind. Mix it a jar and tasty pickle is ready.

White Onion Pickle

Manisha Kothare's White Onion Pickle

Ingredients: Small white onion, methi seeds 1 tsp, red chilli powder 1 tsp, rai and dal. Method: Heat oil in a pan. Then add all ingredients. Once cool, add onion and store in a glass jar. Your pickle is ready!

Kairi ka Aachar

Sunita Mehta's Kairi ka Aachar

Kairi ko dho ke sukha kar haldi or namak lagak kar rakh dena. Phir usme 50 gm methi, 50 gm rai dal, lal mirch powder or sounf dalkar rakhenge. Dusre din Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil ka tel dalenge, hamara aachar ready.

Brinjal Pickle

Hema Kumar's Brinjal Pickle

Wash brinjal and cut into small pieces. Then, wash raw mango and cut into pieces. Add dhania powder, haldi, mustard oil and some gud. Heat mustard oil in a pan, once hot close the flame and add the mixture. Keep in the sun.

Jackfruit Pickle

Pushpanjali Pathania's Jackfruit Pickle

Peel and dice raw jackfruit into medium pieces. Fry partially in Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil, then add hing, haldi, red chilli powder, roasted, partially ground cumin, aniseed, salt, vinegar mixed with gur.

Awla & Lemon Pickle

Renuka Mani's Awla & Lemon Pickle

Wash 6 awlas and chop as cubes. Cut and squeeze juice out of 6 lemons. Cook in water with haldi and salt. Take 3 tbsp oil, a pinch of hing, red chilli powder & cook awla. Add the drained lemons, mix and cook. Let it cool and then it is ready to eat.

Bittergourd Pickle

Anshu Tyagi's Bittergourd Pickle

Wash and clean the bitter gourd then cut it into small pieces, add some salt and little oil. Leave it for one hour to dry. Now add mango pickle masala and keep it in sun light.

Lemon and Green Chilli Pickle

Anita's Lemon and Green Chilli Pickle

Clean lemon with water and cut into four pieces. Clean chilies with water and cut into two pieces. Get one bowl and mix the lemon and hari mirch with salt. Then, put achaar masala and oil and mix it together.

Gajar ka Achaar

Jyoti Abrol's Gajar ka Achaar

Gajar ko lamba lamba katto, ek choti ungli jitna. Kadai mein ek spoon sarso ka tel dalo, jab jal jae usmein thodi sarso, haldi aur lal mirch daaldo. Fir usmein kati hui gajar dal kar namak dal do.

Mix Pickle

Jyoti Sharma's Mix Pickle

Heat Mustard oil and add spices (salt, red chilli powder, kalonji, saunf, methi, rai & hing). Then add chana, capsicum, grated raw mango and mix them together. Put it in a tight glass container.

Ker Kairi Ka Achaar

Kanna's Ker Kairi Ka Achaar

Temper oil with jeera, rai, kalounji, saunf, kali mirch, hing. When it cools, add haldi, namak, lal mirch powder, mustard powder, methi powder. Add this to processed ker and diced mango pieces.

Karela ka  Achaar

Rita's Karela ka Achaar

Wash, cut bitter gourd in long pieces and then dry. Heat mustard oil. Let it cool and then add roasted jeera, methi, ajwain, salt, red chilli powder, rai & lemon juice to it. Mix well with karela pieces and keep it in an air tight jar.

Narthangai Oorugai

Banu Raghavan's Narthangai Oorugai

Cut bitter orange into pieces and remove the seeds. Add salt and turmeric powder. Keep it covered for 4/5 days so that it becomes soft. Dry roast hing, methi, chilli powder along with the mixture. Heat oil and pour.

Sweet Lime Pickle

Poonam's Sweet Lime Pickle

Wash lemons and let them dry. Cut them into small pieces. In a kadai mix sugar, salt, black pepper along with a little bit garam masala. Heat till the sugar melts and then add lime pieces.

Cauliflower ka Pickle

Lata's Cauliflower ka Pickle

Chopped cauliflower, namak, rai, haldi, heeng aur lal mirch ko mix karen. Pot ko 1 din dhoop me rakhen aur fir achche se mishran milaye. Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil ko pan mein garam karen, fir thanda kar achhar me dalen.

Kacche Aam ka Aachaar

Chinki Bhalla's Kacche Aam ka Aachaar

Pan mein Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil heat kare. Usmein methi daana, saunf, klaunji, salt, haldi, red chilli, dhania powder & kacche aam ke lambe tukde katkar daale. Saath hi thoda sa gud milakar, 7-8 min tak paka le.

Haldi ka Achaar

Kavi Dave's Haldi ka Achaar

Peel turmeric, wash and keep it aside for drying in sunlight or use a cotton cloth and rub off the excess water. Now grate the peeled turmeric or chop it finely to make the pickle.

Raw Mango Jaggery Pickle

Rida Khan's Raw Mango Jaggery Pickle

In a pan add oil, mustard seed, let it crackle.Fry raw mangoes, dry red chilli, jaggery, fennel seed pwdr, nigella see, red chilli powder, salt, chopped dry fruit & water. Cover the lid & cook till it becomes thick

Drumstick Pickle

Neelima Pagolu's Drumstick Pickle

3 drum sticks (chopped pieces), red chilli powder, salt, oil, mustard seeds, hing powder. Add 1 tsp mustard oil & fry red chillies, hing. Keep aside. Add 2 tsp oil & drumsticks. Fry for a minute and then add mirchi powder, salt and mix.

Mango Pickle

Heena Vallecha's Mango Pickle

Ingredients: Raw mango 1 kg, 3 cup fortune mustard oil, Salt ,Red chilli ,Fenugrek seeds,Fennal seeds,Turmeric powder, Hing. Method: Heat oil and leave it to cool. Mix together and fill in jars.

Lesua Achaar

Rekha Jain's Lesua Achaar

100gm turmeric powder, 100gm semi crushed saunf, 200gm mustard seed grinded, 150gm salt, 2 kg pulp of raw mango & 2.50 kg Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil.Boil lesua with 50gm salt & 20gm turmeric till tender. Strain, dry and remove cap. Mix all ingredients.

Rai wali Harimirch ka Achaar

Jyoti Moghe's Rai wali Harimirch ka Achaar

Mix chopped green chillies with turmeric, saunf, lemon juice, rai,methi and hing. Serve the pickle fresh.

Kasrod ka Achaar

Sampath's Kasrod ka Achaar

Dry, peel and chop kasrod. Add 2 tsp of mustard oil,salt,red chilli powder,rai powder, a pinch of turmeric powder. Mix well and store in air tight container. Keep it in sunlight for 4 days.

Chana Methiya Achaar

Divya Bhargav Patel's Chana Methiya Achaar

Chana and methi ko ek din tak bhiga ke rakhein. Fir bahar nikal ke sukhne dijiye.Sarson ke oil ko garam kijiye, fir thanda hone ke baad uss mein gud or achar masala milaye. Barabar mix kijiye aur achar ready!

Kheere ka Achaar

Mahima Sarin's Kheere ka Achaar

Add roasted,grounded methi,mustard,cumin,tamarind paste, black salt to peeled and diced cucumber.Add heated and cooled Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil. Refrigerate for two hours and serve chilled.

Karela pickle

Komal's Karela pickle

Wash and chop the gourd. Heat oil, add tadka followed by karela pieces and green chillies. Fry for 5-7 mins and then add vinegar and salt. Fry for a minute before adding red chilli powder and then cool.

Lehsun ka Achaar

Vishakha's Lehsun ka Achaar

A simple pickle flavoured with a special masala made of sarson, methi, jeera and dhania. To balance the taste of the spices, add a tablespoon of a jaggery and lemon juice.

Gujarati Aaam ka Chunda

Shweta Ayare's Gujarati Aaam ka Chunda

Aam ka chunda is one of the most popular pickle recipes in Gujarati households. Add a zing to your sweet chunda by adding red chilli powder and toasted zeera.

Andhra-style carrot pickle

Vibha Vinodrai's Andhra-style carrot pickle

This fresh carrot pickle has a pungent taste from the use of mustard oil, sweetness of carrots and heat from the use of garlic. Add about 2 tbsp garlic for 1/2 cup carrots. To reduce the pungency, you can add lemon juice.

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