Cook Along with Chef Pranav Joshi
Pranav Joshi is a celebrated face of extraordinary Indian cooking. Having pursued a course in hotel management and international business from Tafe, Perth, Australia, he has left the globe awestruck with his exemplary culinary skills. He has been the managing director of the upbeat multi-cuisine restaurant Tomato's and also managed operations at the distinctive Indian themed Mirch Masala of Ahmedabad. After his success with the local audience at 'The Rasoi Show' on ETV, he went on to leave a mark on a national channel. Dazzling the audience with recipes of simple yet tasty dishes, Joshi made 'Budget Kitchen' on Food Food channel the 2nd highest TRP grossing show.

Be it easy techniques, scintillating recipes or exquisite taste; Chef Joshi has taken the art of cooking to the next level. It is an honour that he is now part of the Fortune family. You can also try out delightful recipes from his treasure of cooking experience.
Grilled Veg & Lettuce Salad
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Grilled Veg & Lettuce Salad 106 Views
Chickpeas With Herb Rice 260 Views
Green Thai Curry 326 Views
Lasooni Palak 266 Views
Mexican Rice 220 Views
Misal Pav 482 Views
Mix Pakoda Platter 293 Views
Ragda Pattice 285 Views
Veg Wrap 229 Views
Batata Vada 177 Views
Biryani 317 Views
Broccoli and Aaloo Paratha 180 Views
Cheese Butter Masala 640 Views
Rajma and Kali Daal 111 Views
Stuffed Bell Peppers 99 Views
Thepla 107 Views
Veg Skewers 78 Views
Roasted Pumpkin & Carrot Soup 437 Views
Pindi Chole 275 Views
Palak Patta Chaat 437 Views
Oven Cooked Bhara Baingan 259 Views
Gujarati Saragva Nu Shaak 752 Views
Green Garlic Fried Rice 435 Views
Exotic Vegetables Mexican Rice 208 Views
BBQ Basil Pesto & Vegetables 231 Views
Baingan Mutter Masala 223 Views