For over a decade, Fortune has helped the home-maker create delicious food with its range of healthy cooking oils. Recently, we have added a premium line of food staples starting with Fortune Besan, Pulses, Soya Chunks & Rice. To learn more about our products, click on the images below.
Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil



Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil

Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil

A revolution in the world of cooking oils, Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil is a healthy heart oil that is naturally enriched with multiple nutrients like Oryzanol to provide health benefits for every member of the family.


Presenting the 10 benefits∞ that you can enjoy from a 100% rice bran oil:


  1. Cholesterol lowering oil: Heart friendly.
  2. Oryzanol: Improves HDL/LDL ratio. Healthier heart.
  3. Balanced PUFA/MUFA ratio: Cleaner blood vessels.
  4. Balanced Fatty Acids#: Balanced nutrition, balanced health.
  5. Tocotrienols & Phytostrerols*: Anti-cancer properties.
  6. Squalene: Improves skin tone and delays wrinkle formation.
  7. Vitamin E: Helps maintaining balance of nervous system.
  8. Natural antioxidants: Protection against diseases.
  9. Ferulic acid^: Stimulates hormonal secretion, rejuvenates health.
  10. Low oil absorption: Healthier food.


∞:Source: Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme, Codex Committee on Fats and Oils, 18th Session, U.K., 3-7th February. 2003 #: Nearest to WHO recommendations +:Woyengo et al., Anticancer effects of phytosterols; Eur. Jour. Clin Nutr. (2009) 63, 813-821 *In terms of cholesterol reducing property amongst commonly used edible vegetable oils. ^: Ferulic Acid = 4 hydroxy 3 methoxy cinnamic acid.

>Adequate exercise and balanced diet which includes balanced healthy cooking oil are key to good health

Available In:
Pouches 1 litre
Jerry cans 2 litres, 5 litres, 15 litres