For over a decade, Fortune has helped the home-maker create delicious food with its range of healthy cooking oils. Recently, we have added a premium line of food staples starting with Fortune Besan, Pulses, Soya Chunks & Rice. To learn more about our products, click on the images below.
Fortune Besan



Fortune Besan

Made from 100% Chana Dal

Fortune offers two types of besan products which are processed from the very best quality of pulses. High in essential nutrients, the pulses are processed with advanced grinding technology, which helps in retaining the aroma. Further, they are absolutely untouched by hands to maintain 100% hygiene and ensure consistent taste over a longer time frame.


The product is available in 2 variants - Fortune Chana Besan and Fortune Matar Besan.


Product Benefits:

  • Processed from 100% pure and high quality pulses

  • Mechanized processing to maintain 100% hygiene

  • Technologically advanced grinding methodology for aroma and taste retention.

Available In:
Pouches 200 gms, 500 gms, 1 kg
Sacks 10 kgs, 20 kgs, 35 kgs, 50 kgs