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Why have your meals with family
Posted by Editorial Team, September 2, 2014


“Dinner’s ready!” is one of the most anticipated statements made in households. However, choosing to pick up your own plate and go inside the room to have it, is not a healthy family habit. It may seem convenient and liberal but it is essential to be away from any source of passive entertainment, technology or work at the time of having a meal. Why, you ask? We will list down a few reasons that prove how sensible and healthy it is to sit together with family and have your meals.

1. It encourages being social, helps in bonding:

Having lunch/dinner is one of the few times when the entire family has taken a good break and is focusing on one thing, i.e food. It is the ideal time to make conversation, have light hearted laughs, catch up on how the day was and even discuss serious matters that you would avoid to bring up normally. It is when the entire family is in a good mood and wants to listen and talk. The wonders family eating can do when it comes to getting closer is commendable!

2. Experiment and introduce new foods:

If your kid(s) tend to be fussy eaters, the dining table is the perfect setting to convince the kid to try out a new vegetable, finish their food, incorporate stories and characters to make them like the food, etc. This interaction doesn’t only make mealtimes fun and interesting, it also opens up new horizons for your kid(s) in terms of the variety of good food that they can have.

3. Inputs from family:

Family mealtimes also encourage choosing next meal’s items and how everyone would like it to be made. Deciding together and incorporating small favourites of everyone in the family is a good way to get your family to be excited for each meal. Moreover, with small decisions like this, your family and kids would want to involve themselves with you in the kitchen and do the basic cooking and helping around. Now it can’t get any better than this, right?

4. Reduces hostile/destructive behavior:

It has been scientifically proved that the kids, whose families always dine together and eat as a family, are significantly less prone to act offensively, be hostile towards others or be rebellious. Also, in their tees and pre teens, they do not seek solace and support in drugs or alcohol. The kids who eat with their family are reported to almost not have such tendencies at all.

5. Nourishing & Economical:

So, there you have it! Now pull back a chair from that dining table and have some good times by mixing it up with the family!

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