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What does your zodiac sign tell about your food choices?
Posted by Editorial Team, January 3, 2015



A headstrong Taurean or a flamboyant Aquarian? It is said that peoples’ tastes are dictated by their attitude and nature. But aren't people classified according to their Zodiac signs too?
Some pay attention to the texture of the food, some like strong flavors, some love sweets and some simply eat because they are feeling low. If the celestial bodies influence what you do 24/7, how can food not be affected too?
We give you a sneak peek into the kinds of food different zodiacs love and tend to eat often. We go a little further and also tell you what food is good and bad for you as per your sign.
Go on and explore!


Determined and ambitious Arians are ruled by the ‘fire’ element. In keeping with their image, they love eating hot and spicy food with strong flavors. They also crave for fried food and could love junk food.
They should eat: Cooling food items like fresh fruits, salads, dried fruits, beans, lentils and brown rice.
Avoid: Salty food and alcohol.


The strong-willed Taurean is governed by the element ‘earth’, and loves heavy and indulgent food. Usually, they stick to traditional recipes. They love foods like chocolates, mint, coriander, etc. that have distinctive, strong flavors.
They should eat: Leafy vegetables, root vegetables, berries, nuts and beans
Avoid: High-carb food and oily food.


The element ‘air’ rules the intelligent Gemini and they usually have a small appetite. They swear by all the snacking they do. Their food choices are diverse. They tend to binge a lot and favor sugary drinks like colas, milkshakes, etc.
They should eat: Green and leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts and yogurt.
Avoid: Excess coffee, root vegetables and edibles with yeast.


The diplomatic Cancer is ruled by the ‘water’ element and they absolutely love seafood. Cancerians fancy desserts, ice creams, and relish a hearty meal. In short, they love comfort food.
They should eat: Calcium-rich food like yogurt, egg yolks and oysters with rice, oats, fruits, and whole grain wheat items.
Avoid: Refined sugar, excess alcohol and oily preparations.


Governed by the element ‘fire’, people with the sun sign Leo love a luxurious and classy meal. They like hot condiments, spices and distinct flavors. Any Leo would absolutely love an elaborate spread.
They should eat: Food with carbs and proteins, rice, whole wheat, root veggies, spinach, nuts and figs.
Avoid: Excess dairy food and spicy eats.


The thoughtful Virgo makes thoughtful food choices too. Their diet is usually clean and minimal, enough to satisfy their hunger. Virgos can typically be seen eating raw salads and fresh fruits.
They should eat: Food with high fiber and Omega fats like avocados, fresh seafood, eggs, fruit juices, salads, cereals and oats.
Avoid: Rich dairy food.


A Libran, the perfectionist, looks for a balanced diet. They usually surprise people with their food choices and enjoy desserts. Luxurious and uncommon food preferences are a Libran’s trademark.
They should eat: Vegetarian food, oatmeal and seafood. Fruits and vegan dairy products will help them maintain a healthy balance.
Avoid: Carbonated drinks and refined sugar.



The purposeful Scorpio is under the influence of the element ‘water’ and likes to eat all kinds of food. Their palette is well-cultivated, and they are drawn by peppery flavors with garlic, chilies and spices. They love meat too.
They should eat: Fruits, steamed vegetables, salads, lentils and beans.
Avoid: Excess sweets, oily food and food with yeast.


The experimental Sagi is another ‘water’ sign and loves to try out new cuisines and flavors. They relish traditional as well as innovative/fusion dishes.
They should eat: Fruits, whole grains, olives, figs, garlic, chicken, fish, tomatoes, plums and beets.
Avoid: Overeating!


The practical Capricorn prefers simple meals. They love home-cooked food like vegetables, soups and eggs.
They should eat: Calcium-rich food items like corn, spinach, whole wheat, oats and brown rice, fruit and vegetable salads, juices and tea.
Avoid: Spicy and sweet dishes.


Aquarians are inquisitive and intellectual. They usually try exotic dishes but love comfort food too. They like to indulge in pastas, smoothies, salads and homemade food.
They should eat: Spinach, nuts, seafood, raw salads and protein bars.
Avoid: Too much sugar, coffee and fermented food.


The imaginative Piscean loves seafood and trying out new and exotic cuisines. Water-based foods like cucumbers, melons, strawberries and sugarcane are their weakness. Their imaginative side helps them experiment with food as well.
They should eat: Protein-rich food like lamb, eggs, barley, whole grain cereals, spinach, lettuce, dates and natural sugars.
Avoid: Refined sugars, asparagus, oily food and excess coffee.
Weren't we right about you?

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