The New Year Party Menu
Posted by Editorial Team, December 26, 2014


New Year is coming! Planning a pre or post New Year party? Or a classic New Year’s Eve one? By now, you must have racked your brains, trying to zero in on the perfect party menu, right?

We won’t let you have a worrisome new year. And thus, we have fantastic party ideas for brunch, lunch or a full-blown dinner party!

Excited about this party season? Our menu ideas are exactly that – exciting!

Take a look:


A brunch has to be light, interesting and easy on the eyes. We have a list of starters, drinks, main course dishes and desserts to create a scrumptious brunch affair.


  • Kick start with a tea latte, which is an interesting welcome drink – a frothy latte blended with masala or warm ginger tea

  • The starters can comprise little eats like mini burgers with cheesy patties and fresh greens, and small fusion noodle samosas

  • The main course can be cheesy mushroom lasagna with toasty warm bread or a paneer vegetable risotto

  • A fruity slush with grapefruit, lemon, ginger and strawberry juices stirred into a tall chilled glass will go well with the main course

  • Desserts can be a mix of two worlds: fudge brownies and milky rabdi



The lunch party has to be a delectable spread of assorted eats that create a heart-warming meal. Here’s what we suggest for the celebratory luncheon:


  • For starters, try spicy paneer-stuffed papad rolls and a nutty bean and couscous salad

  • A mixed fruit punch can be a great welcome drink, while a mocktail like an Appletini will make lunch interesting

  • Classic vegetable sizzlers can easily be a showstopper for the main course

  •  Creamy butter chicken as a side can be served with pita bread and brown rice

  • An interesting fusion dish with soft gulab jamuns crushed into a couple of scoops of creamy dry fruit ice-cream makes for a sweet finish.



New Year’s dinner party should be exciting and it should certainly lift spirits up. So this is what we suggest:


  • Offer salad in bite-sized pasta shells as starters. Add a little excitement with grape juice pani-puri. A welcome drink or a starter or both? Let your guests decide for themselves!

  • Crisp chicken wings and vegetable shammi kebabs would be a great start to a long night.

  • Kashmiri vegetable pulao with raita and green chutney would be perfect as the main course.

  • Go for fruity drinks like cranberry or pomegranate mock-tinis. Or for a classic fruit champagne to mark the beginning of New Year!

  • Serve falooda shots for dessert – colorful falooda in shot glasses will add a dash of drama.


We are sure you are armed with enough menu ideas by now. Go on, get going for an awesome New Year party!