The Great Indian Twist!
Posted by Editorial Team, October 31, 2014



India is known for its variety of exotic spices from clove and cardamom to turmeric and dried red chilies. Their delectable flavor can be seen in all Indian fare from desserts and chutneys to starters and curries. But here’s the twist: let’s explore what happens when Indian spices invade global plates and foreign flavors invade Indian dishes.

Japanese Aloo Tikki:

Good old aloo tikki stuffed with veggies can be given an exotic twist with the spicy addition of wasabi. Wasabi is a paste made from the stem of Japanese horseradish. Extremely sharp and hot, a spoonful of wasabi paste in the tikki batter will add a zingy edge, many degrees sharper than potent mustard. Fry these sensational Japanese tikkis and serve along with a traditional Japanese soy and ginger dip.

Welcome your guests with the aloo tikki that went Japanese and wait for the surprised expression on their faces!

Chai Ice Cream:

Summer calls for ice creams! You love making ice creams in different flavors for family and friends …what new flavor can you surprise them with?

We Indians love having masala chai all the time. Why not add that spicy warmth into ice creams? Add masala chai powder and concentrate to the ice cream mixture while boiling and when cool, freeze and whip in turns.

Each creamy cold bite of ice cream will delight you with the infusion of warm chai spices. The thing they say about opposites attract? We think this dessert justifies it.

Tandoori Chicken Bruschetta:

Juicy tandoori chicken is a sure crowd puller! How can it get better? Add a fun crunch base to the succulent tandoori and voila, you have an amazing starter for your party!

Place bite-sized pieces of tandoori over bruschetta slices and garnish with finely chopped onions and tomatoes. Finish it off with spurts of olive oil and sprinkles of fresh ground pepper and salt.

Gulab Jamun Cheesecake:

Your daughter loves gulab jamun, but your husband is crazy about cheesecakes. What do you do in a situation like this? Make Gulab Jamun Cheesecake of course!

Crumble the soft brown jamuns into the cheesecake mixture and chill it to explore an extravagant blast of sweetness.

The traditional sweetness of gulab jamun blends perfectly into the sour creamy softness of the cheesecake. True bliss for sweet lovers!