10 Health Mistakes you can correct
Posted by Editorial Team, June 2, 2014


1. Drinking less water

This is the worst mistake you can make. People take water for granted and think it’s supposed to be had only when one is thirsty or after food. However, a minimum of 6-8 glasses of water per day keep the metabolism rate going fine, purifies blood, helps in digestion, keeps skin clear, etc. Such are the advantages of just having water. It is the easiest and the cheapest way of keeping petty illnesses and problems at bay!

2. Drinking and smoking

No surprise drinking and smoking make it to this list too. Drinking and smoking is never good for health and it can never be. One can always suggest someone to do it in moderation and control in order to prevent any adverse direct affect but it is always better to be off these two habits for a healthy life. Drinking and smoking can destroy your liver and lungs over a course of time as well as cause ageing faster, accompanied by other issues like lethargy, low stamina, bad breath, decaying of teeth, headaches, etc. On the other hand, quitting these before it’s too late helps regain good health.

3. Sleeping late

Messing around with your body clock may not seem to be much of a threat to you as of now but it takes a heavy toll on the human body as the years go by. Our brain works in a specific way and disturbing that system can have some permanent damaging effects. Sleeping late causes inconsistencies with respect to getting up the next morning. It causes headaches, changes the appearance in terms of making the skin age faster and a lot of small changes that are signs telling you to follow our body clock. Due to such abnormal routine and unnatural setting, sleeping late also causes a lot of stress. 7-8 hours of sleep is a must.

4. No physical exercise

With tight schedules and never-ending excuses of being busy, this generation has abandoned all forms of physical activity from their lives. It exists only in extremes. It’s either the group of people who overdose on exercising and spend hours every day or the lazy ones who only talk about getting fit and never actually get down to doing it.
Frankly, there is nothing intimidating about exercising. It can be as basic as taking a 15 minute brisk walk in the evening, taking the stairs, stretching constantly while sitting and working in office, going cycling, taking a fast swim every morning/night, etc. There are endless ways of keeping your body from rusting before time.

5. Eating junk food

The age old war against junk food persists and always will. We can’t deny how wonderful it tastes and gives such pleasure to the taste buds but if you view the larger picture, you will realize how and what it is doing to your body. It is not a pleasant picture at all. Junk food causes obesity, irregularities in blood pressure, sweating, fatigue, heart problems and even behavioral problems like mood swings, etc.
So hit the fresh market, pick up some good old vegetables and juicy fruits, eat healthy and reward yourself once a week with perhaps a pizza or a burger. But remember, that is all that your body will approve of!

6. Worrying/over-thinking

It is best to talk about your problems or reason/rationalize them in your head. Stressing over situations that remain out of our control, can cause nothing but mental stress, tiredness and in extreme cases, depression. Worry about things that need attention and dealing with, think about things that are in your control and that you can take action for. Over-thinking and worrying about how someone behaved, how you should have behaved or filling yourself with negative thoughts can only do you harm and nothing else. Try eliminating the negativity and over-thinking of futile things and you will find a difference in how everything seems so much better and cheerful!

7. Skipping breakfast

Breakfast is proven to be the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, people skip breakfast the most thinking lunch will make up for it. This is a very unhealthy habit and can be incredibly harmful in the long run. A balanced breakfast puts the body in action to gear up for the rest of the day and also increases the metabolism rate. Another complimentary benefit of having a good breakfast means feeling less hungry during lunch, which will result in you having light food. Hence, keeping fit and in control of the diet.

8. Starving & Forced Dieting

Starving & Forced Dieting Is a common practice followed these days, especially the youth. Most people prefer not exercising to get fit but choose the easier way out by starving themselves instead. They try and cut down all sources of fat and calories from the diet, which backfires as the body either slows down its metabolism or breaks down.

The ideal plan is to cut down not on eating but excessive eating and follow that up by a balanced diet composing of all essential nutrients. Start the day with a full breakfast and be sure to eat midsized meals at regular intervals during the day depending on your body’s calorie and nutritional requirement. This improves metabolism and prevents storage of calories which happens as a result of fasting & feasting.

9. Self medication

A lot of Indians tend to do this. Cold & cough? No problem, have this medicine. Fever? It’s okay. Must be the weather. It’ll pass. But I’ll pop this pill anyway.
NO. This is not how it works and is only detrimental to your health. Whenever there is any illness or a symptom building up, go to a recommended doctor, visit the hospital and do not self medicate. Moreover, once the doctor has prescribed the medicines, remember to have them as and when they are needed to. Ideally, going for complete physical body tests in regular intervals is the wisest thing to do in order to keep your body finely tuned.

10. Carrying a lot of weight regularly

Dumping your handbag/carry bag/ bag pack with almost everything in your house just in case you might need it, is a waste of energy and unbelievably bad for your back and neck. One may never realize it but carrying excess baggage daily, undeniably causes permanent back and neck problems. So, unless you are travelling, you should be good with your wallet, phone, iPod, a book and your keys. Never forget the keys J