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Quintessential Ingredient of the Month
Posted by Editorial Team, October 8, 2014



Quintessential Ingredient of the Month – Soya Chunks

You are what you eat. As partners in your efforts at maintaining good health, we bring you a quintessential ingredient every month that will add a spring to your step and a smile on your face.

We begin with a powerhouse of health and goodness – Soya Chunks.

What are soya chunks?

They are textured vegetable proteins made from soybeans. Of Chinese origin, soybeans became a popular health food in the West in the '70s. Soy flour, a by-product of soybean is processed to form chunks that are light, porous and high in fibre and protein.

Soya chunks can be soaked in water (they absorb twice their weight) to form a delicious, juicy product that can be added to vegetarian curries or rice dishes to enhance their protein content. Little wonder they are often called ‘vegetarian meat.’

Nutritional value:

Soya bean is the only non-meat protein source that contains all vital amino acids, including the nine essential ones critical for healthy growth. Proteins are the major structural components of all cells in the human body that form the muscles, skin, hair and organs.

Health benefits:

1. Soya’s high protein content – along with vitamins and minerals – makes it an important food for growing children and adults

2. Its high fiber content helps in reducing weight

3. Low fat soya helps in reducing bad cholesterol

4. It’s rich in antioxidants and improves bone health

Fortune Soya Chunks

Fortune Soya Chunks comes with the power of Proti 9 – the complete protein that contains all the nine essential amino acids, which cannot be synthesized inside the body. What’s more, their specialized processing preserves all nutrients and their even shape enable easy cooking. You can have this superfood in a variety of forms. In curries, biryanis, as pizza toppings and more, relish this juicy, easy-to-digest wonder food to enjoy untold health benefits.