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Quintessential Ingredient of the Month: Besan
Posted by Editorial Team, October 31, 2014



Hot pakoras on a rainy day, crispy bhujia to snack upon and Dadi's big round laddu! All these are classic Indian favorites. And what is it that literally 'binds' these together?

Besan – the ultimate must-have of a traditional Indian kitchen!

What is Besan?

Known as garbanzo bean flour in some parts of the world, chickpea flour/ gram flour/chana dal or Besan is widely used in Middle Eastern, African and Indian cuisines. A staple in many countries, chickpea is the world’s second most widely grown pulse. The warm yellow flour is either made from raw or roasted chana dal.


Nutritional value

Besan is a low-carb protein-rich flour which is gluten-free. The fact that its carbohydrates are digested slowly and that it has resistant starch ensure that you feel full for long. Rich in minerals, Besan also contains calcium, potassium,magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese, phosphorus, selenium and copper. Low in cholesterol, saturated fat and sodium, it is a great source of dietary fiber.


Health benefits

1. The gluten-free flour is ideal for people with Celiac disease and those with flour allergies

2. It reduces blood sugar and insulin considerably, compared to wheat flour

3. It helps reduce cholesterol

4. Its low-calorie and high-fiber character helps in weight loss


Cooking with Besan

This high-protein flour can be incorporated in a number of ways in your food. Besan can be baked into dhoklas, deep fried into pakoras, transformed into fritters with fish and meat, combined with curd and simmered into kadhi or cooked on a griddle like pancakes, besides being an excellent binding and thickening agent for several dishes.

Packed with nutrition and a distinct nutty taste, Besan is certainly a versatile flour. But it is most essential to use freshly ground besan made from good quality chana dal to experience its health benefits and delicious taste.

Fortune Besan brings you fresh gram flour hygienically processed from high quality chana dal. It comes with the promise of ‘purafresh’, which is a commitment to purity and freshness. The use of an advanced grinding process ensures that the fresh and nutty aroma of chana dal is perfectly preserved.

So, ditch the stale besan from your local baniya and experience the goodness of pure and fresh Fortune Besan!