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Lunch box ideas for fussy toddlers
Posted by Editorial Team, November 24, 2014


A fussy toddler, a worried parent and a tiffin box that went to school and returned without feeling useful. Isn’t this a familiar story?

Cheer up parents; we’ve got some super lunch box ideas for your little one!

A little secret on how that poor lunchbox might feel useful? Bring colors, taste and excitement to the lunch box. Nothing excites a toddler more than a surprising assortment of foods. 

Let’s get ’em through the week!

You’ve got to keep it interesting, not too fussy, easy on the fingers and light on taste.

Here you go:


Keep Mondays fuss free with light sandwiches that kids find easy to gulp down.

Whole wheat bread slices stuffed with cream cheese and thin sliced cucumbers are simple. Make them look fun by cutting the sandwiches in different shapes. Use star or heart-shaped cutters to create enticing sandwiches. Kids who frown at the sight of sandwiches might actually gulp down a star or a smiley man sandwich with much excitement. Add in a big choco-chip cookie for a much-needed sweet crunch. A little box of strawberries or cranberries adds a juicy dimension to the lunch.


Tuesdays can get a little spicy with warm yellow dhoklas or little chunks of stir-fried idli. Pack in ketchup or coconut chutney to go with it. A slice of fruity cake will be perfect to satiate your little one’s sweet cravings. And a box of grapes will pack in vitamins and minerals to get your sweetpea going through the day!


Warm banana bread is enough to cheer your little one’s Wednesdays.

Line the bread slices with cream cheese or peanut butter. A little bowl of flavored yogurt is a great addition, with chunks of fresh fruits like pineapple or mango. Add crunch to the meal with a box of nuts – walnuts, raisins, almonds and cashews.


Thursday can be mini-burger time! Get little burger buns and stuff them with lettuce, tomato and cheese slices. Pack slices of orange for a juicy treat; while a square of peanut chikki or a cereal bar will be a good crunchy culmination.


Make Fridays fruity!

Create fun fruit sandwiches with thin apple or pear slices and spread peanut butter before sprinkling granola/ cereal and choco chips on it. Fill another box with crunchy baby carrots and a sweet murmura laddoo to finish the meal.


Anti-fuss tips:

  • Food items should be tasty and easy to eat, so that kids finish it up before running out to play

  • Do not overload the lunchbox. Keep the food items to a maximum of three. More food choices will become overwhelming

  • Present it in a fun way, cut interesting shapes, and include foods of different colors, textures and tastes

  • Ensure the food items are dry; avoid wet and messy foods. Zip lock soft bread items that tend to get soggy

  • Give little sweet surprises as treats to keep the spirits up!

Go on parents, make things interesting and fun, and see how your little one wipes that lunch box clean every single day.