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Lunch Box – Five Meal Ideas for Work
Posted by Editorial Team, October 31, 2014


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“Aaj dabbe mein kya hai?” Amidst piles of work, your stomach growls with hunger and suddenly you remember your priceless lunchbox! Then comes the test. Do you wear a ‘lunchbox’ smile? Or is it a ‘lunchbox’ frown triggered by the all-too-familiar sight of yesterday’s dinner?

We present five interesting lunchbox ideas for weekdays – easy to make, wholesome and healthy too!


The Menu:



Got leftover chicken or fish from your lazy Sunday lunch? Transform it into chicken or fish tikka masala that goes with multigrain phulkas. A quick mixed veggie pulao with a salad of shredded carrots, beet, salad leaves and cucumber will complete the meal.



1. While your Indian taste buds devour the spicy tikka gravy, it ensures you have much needed proteins on a busy Monday

2. Multigrain phulkas make for a healthy bread option to go with the gravy

3. Pulao completes the meal with the goodness of fresh vegetables adding vitamins and nutrients

4. Raw salad adds a colorful crunch with enough roughage to ensure easy digestion



Warm rajma dalia khichdi is the perfect comfort food on a tense Tuesday! A simple cabbage sabzi will complement the khichdi with its lightly spiced taste. A cool curd raita is just right to finish the meal with a tangy pickle on the side.



1. High in iron, rajma is not only a comfort food, but something that fuels you all day long

2. Dalia khichdi provides recommended calories, is light and adds a nutty taste – so different from the usual rice

3. Curd adds up to your dose of calcium with chunks of carrot and cucumber

4. Cabbage adds a tasty dose of Vitamin C



Good old aloo matar can be made in a jiffy, while rotis made from ragi flour look pretty in red. The meal becomes complete with curd rice that leaves you feeling full.



1. Ragi rotis provide much needed protein and help you watch your weight

2. Aloo matar ensures you get enough vitamins and antioxidants

3. Curd rice is light on the stomach and helps in digestion



Yesterday’s leftover dal can be transformed into dal tadka that goes well with plain rice. Dry chole masala makes a spicy addition to the warm meal.



1. Dal gives you high amounts of iron, phosphorous and dietary fiber

2. Chole or chickpeas provide proteins and good cholesterol



Fridays have to be happening! Make this meal exciting with an interesting sandwich and pasta.

Use leftover salad – add some chicken shreds/boiled egg with mayo or barbeque sauce for a tasty sandwich filling. Use rye bread to make this a healthier sandwich. Mom’s lip-smacking keema can be folded into a quick penne pasta for a tasty fusion dish.



1. Salad provides ample dietary fiber

2. Chicken or boiled egg gives instant protein energy

3. Rye bread is fibre-rich, helps in weight loss

4. Penne provides carbs and fibre, and keema, essential protein and fats


Weekday lunches can pack a punch – and a dose of good health too!