Kids & Food
Posted by Editorial Team, September 25, 2014



Kids and food are two interesting topics which can be discussed at length!

As your child grows – so does his/her menu of favorite foods. Kids can go with the same meal for days or demand something new each day. You never know how and when a kid's taste, wants and preferences change. The preference for specific flavors is determined by innate factors, environmental influences, learning and the interactions among these.

Thus, children prefer certain types of food at a certain age.

Here's a quick look at:

What do kids crave?

How to make it interesting and healthy?

Toothless Cravings:

6 months- 1 year: Kids prefer soft liquid food items with light flavor.

Make it interesting with:

Broken wheat porridge with mashed fruits, mashed veggies and fruits, mashed dal-rice, orange banana smoothie, fruit puree.

Young Muncher:

1- 3 years: Kids develop a sweet tooth and start eating solid food.

Make it interesting with:

Curd and soft parathas, custard with fresh fruits and multi- grain muffins or cookies.

Food Explorer:

3- 5 years: Children explore more food items like snacks, fruits and whole meals.

Make it interesting with:

Healthy cereals with fruits, finger foods, light sandwiches, colorful salads, fruit salads, boiled eggs or chicken shreds in dal-rice.

The Fussy Eater:

5-7years: Toddlers explore comfort foods like noodles, chips, sweets ice creams and avoid meals.

Make it interesting with:

Pasta with veggies, yogurt with fruit, homemade potato fries or sweet potato chips.

Understand your kid's developing food tastes and introduce them to new food flavors, textures and forms.

Two quick tips? Keep it Healthy and Interesting!