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Healthy Food while traveling
Posted by Editorial Team, January 13, 2015


 Planning a long trip and trying to figure out what food you can pack? Whether you are traveling by car or by train, you sure don’t want the hassle of an elaborate meal. Visuals of messy hands, spilled food and tumbled bowls make us gasp in horror


Should you buy food on the go? We are here to help you with some exciting meal and snack ideas.



Bored of the same old sandwiches that become soggy, after a while? Try Quesadillas instead. Quesadillas are easy to prepare, pack and eat.

Get flour tortillas and prepare a healthy filling with veggies of your choice and cheese or paneer shreds. Use it as a filling for the tortilla and cook the tortillas until light brown and crispy. Cut the quesadillas in quartets or halves and pack.

Tip: Drain the Quesadillas on paper towels before packing. This prevents them from getting soggy. Pack them in a plastic zip lock bag to retain their freshness.


Methi theplas with strawberry shrikhand

Interesting combo? Methi theplas make for the best travel snacks. What makes this soft, spicy roti even more interesting? It is the surprising involvement of strawberry shrikhand.

Methi theplas are usually soft but might get dry with time. Thus, pack bowls of strawberry shrikhand as a dip for the fenugreek flat breads. The sweet tanginess of the shrikhand goes well with the spicy, bitter taste of the theplas. This will surely be a hit with your family.


Kebab pulao

Your mom has been packing the traditional curd rice or brinjal pulao for your travels but you can reinvent the pulao and make it more exciting. A kebab pulao is not only delicious but it can also be a filling meal during long distance travels. Make vegetable or chicken kebabs and add it to the pulao. Pack it in an airtight container along with store-bought curd bowls. This meal will be filling and healthy.


Sprouts salad bowl

Salads while travelling? We can hear the health enthusiasts rejoicing. Mix moong dal sprouts with crunchy salad leaves, beetroot, carrot shreds, chopped parsley and green onions. This salad is nutritious and light to pack. One big bowl of the sprout salad or individual little bowls for everyone in your family will work well. Traveling healthy is not just a dream anymore.



Packing a healthy chivda made from cornflakes, puffed cereal or oats with light spices is perfect for munching.


For Kids


Fun mix trail

Kids love the combination of sugar, salt and crunch. A mix trail will be exactly that and healthy too.

Get a zip lock pouch that can hold a mix of whole grain cereals, raisins and dried fruits like cranberries, papaya, apples and apricots. Mix in various kinds of nuts like pistachios, almonds and walnuts along with sunflower or pumpkin seeds. Sweeten it with chocolate chips or gummy bears. And voila! You have a healthy, colorful goodie bag for your kid to munch on.


Rollup sandwiches

You can use thin slices of bread or tortillas to create rollup sandwiches with veggies or chicken salami, chutney, cheese slices and a little mayo. Secure these rolls with a thin toothpick and pack them in zip lock pouches. These rollups will quickly satisfy the hunger pangs. You can also use your kid’s favorite jam, peanut butter or chocolate spread for variety.


Oat banana muffins

These easy to make muffins are tasty and healthy. Kids will love munching on these sweet, energy-giving cakes while traveling. Use rolled oats, flour, mashed bananas, milk and dry fruits to bake them. Packing and storing the muffins aren’t a problem either.



For a quick remedy for hunger pangs, you can carry crispy sweet potato chips, fruit sticks and veggie sticks with dips.


Pack the meals and snacks properly, ensuring that the food can be eaten without creating a mess during your long and adventurous trips.


Happy traveling!