Health foods? Not really
Posted by Editorial Team, October 31, 2014



While we are raiding the low-fat and low-cal sections of the food store, we might be paying to load ourselves with a host of unhealthy food products that are supposed to be healthy! Yes – it’s time for a rethink on the food choices you are making.


Here are five not-so-healthy foods that are disguised as healthy options:


1. Low-fat flavored milk/yogurt:

Are the attractively packaged range of pink, orange and yellow flavored milk or yogurts really filled with goodness of health, and low fat too? Often, what we think is healthy food, is actually laden with artificial colors, processed fruit and chemicals. The number of processes ‘low fat’  and ‘low-sugar’ items undergo for instance render the product barely nutritious.

Go for:

Plain or homemade yogurt with seasonal fresh fruits; benefit from fruit fiber, and the calcium and Vitamin B in  wholesome curd.



2. Brown bread:

We have seen the rise of the ‘brown bread’ and the bitter downfall of the high cholesterol, obesity and diabetes causing plain old 'white bread'. Most households have happily accepted the charming brown bread as the healthier option.  ‘Wheat’ ‘fiber’ and ‘whole grain’ breads however are healthy only if they are specifically labeled 100% whole wheat/ whole grain. Many of these breads are simply colored brown using caramel or food coloring in the same old refined flour as white bread.

Go for:

100% whole wheat or whole grain breads that actually contain wheat bran and wheat germ. Also multi-grain breads made from oats, cracked wheat, buckwheat, barley, millet and flaxseed are healthier options. The Indian alternative to fake brown bread can be a wholesome bowl of cooked dalia ( cracked wheat) with fruits or vegetables.



3. Healthy cereals:

So you have dumped the ghee-laden aloo ka parantha and brought in boxes of various kinds of cereals? While these are considered super healthy food options,  not all cereals are low calorie and healthy breakfast ideas. They are often sugar-laden and artificially colored products, especially the chocolate-coated or sugar-frosted varieties!

Go for:

Oats or wheat flake porridge. These are high-fibre breakfast foods and help balance blood sugar and cholesterol.



4. Granola bars:

Are these flaky, tasty snack bars really the ultimate healthy bite filled with nourishment, as fitness lovers believe? Yes, these do contain a variety of healthy ,cereals but watch out, as many are coated heavily with sugar!

Go for:

Natural dry fruits on a daily basis; they are perfect to satiate your hunger and provide you with much needed nutrition. Bhel with dry fruits and vegetables or sprout salads are also great snack options.


5. Diet Soda:

Crave for that fuzzy drink on a hot afternoon? But whoa, you are the diet-conscious kind and thus innocently opt for Diet soda!

Diet soda sure promises the ‘low calorie’ and ‘low-sugar’ factors,  but it is filled with artificial sweeteners that trigger insulin and load up on body fats. Urmm, did they say 'diet' soda?

Go for:

Plain water or fresh fruit juices. Nothing beats natural sweeteners that are present in fruits. Satiating your sweet tooth, fruit juices also pack essential minerals and vitamins vital for your body.

As for plain water, it is the most essential lubricant to keep your body machine functioning. Drink loads of it!

Make better choices, eat healthy!